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Google is employing AI to safeguard users against major cyber scams and attacks


Google has intensified its efforts to combat cyber scams by introducing a new AI-driven tool aimed at mitigating threats. Leveraging the capabilities of Gemini AI, Google’s Threat Intelligence tool assists cybersecurity professionals in predicting and preventing future cyber attacks. This tool relies on AI to analyze and decrypt dangerous malware, providing rapid solutions to address security vulnerabilities.

The Google Cyber Threat AI Tool harnesses Gemini AI’s technological prowess to deliver effective results. By utilizing Gemini Pro 1.5 version, Google can sift through vast datasets containing reports and discoveries of various malware threats circulating in the market. The AI model efficiently analyzes malware code and swiftly proposes solutions. Notably, Gemini Pro AI successfully decrypted the code of the notorious WannaCry malware in just 34 seconds and offered a killswitch to prevent further damage.

The ability to detect impending cyber threats is crucial in safeguarding millions of users from potential security breaches. Google aims to lead the charge in this endeavor. However, AI is not the sole driving force behind this tool’s efficacy; it combines human expertise to deliver optimal outcomes.

In addition to AI, Google has tapped into the knowledge of Mandiant, a cybersecurity firm recently acquired by Google, to contribute to the development of such tools. The collaboration between AI technology and human intelligence is poised to enhance cybersecurity measures and prevent future cyber catastrophes.

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