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Google is being sued by a big US media house

Google is facing yet another lawsuit, this time from Gannett, a prominent media company based in the United States. Gannett has accused Google of illegally monopolizing the advertising technology market, leading to a decline in advertising revenue for publishers. The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York, alleges that Google has engaged in a deceptive and anti-competitive scheme for over a decade by acquiring and maintaining monopolies in advertising technology tools.

Gannett argues that despite the significant growth of the online digital advertising industry, publishers have not been able to fully benefit due to Google’s control over ad exchanges and ad servers. The company claims that Google’s actions have hindered publishers’ ability to earn revenue from ad space.

In response, Google has refuted the claims, stating that publishers have multiple options to choose from when it comes to advertising technology. The company asserts that Gannett itself utilizes various competing ad services, including Google Ad Manager, and that publishers retain the majority of revenue when they choose to use Google’s tools. Google intends to demonstrate in court how its advertising products benefit publishers and contribute to funding their online content.

The lawsuit filed by Gannett adds to the extensive list of legal challenges faced by Google, highlighting the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the company’s practices in the advertising technology market.

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