google_developer_conference_2014Trust Google to keep it quirky, innovative and yet functional. Over the last two years the pattern of sale of tickets for its annual I/O developer conference has been more or less constant. Back in 2012 all tickets were sold out in under 30 minutes. Last year they sold out in under 50 minutes.

However, developers looking to attend the conference this year are in for a new twist of sorts. They will be allowed to register their names on the newly launched website for the conference this year for free. Beginning 8 April, developers will be able to register for the I/O 2014 till 10 April. Post that, Google will select attendees randomly.

On the Google developers blog, Googler Louis Gray, posted a message from Billy Rutledge, Director of Developer Relations. The message reads that the website was launched on Wednesday with the idea of getting a preview of the conference.

Rutledge’s message reads, “You won’t need to scramble the second registration opens, as we will not be implementing a first-come-first-served model this year. Instead, registration will remain open from April 8 – 10 and you can apply any time during this window. We’ll randomly select applicants after the window closes on April 10, and send ticket purchase confirmation emails shortly thereafter.” The blog post also mentions that it was already mentioned a month earlier that the registration process this year would be different.

Once the registrants are notified after being selected randomly, they can purchase the tickets. The cost of the tickets for the two-day event are $900 (Rs. 54,205 roughly) for developers and $300 (Rs. 18068 roughly) for students and teachers. It will be held at the Moscone Centre on 25 and 26 June.

In addition, as usual for those who are unable to attend, Google will allow users to view the live streams. Also according to reports users will have to sign into Google+ and authorise the payment of the ticket through Google Wallet. Only after a person wins the ticket will he or she be able to pay the amount for the ticket.

Akin to the Oscars, there is a certain tech bling factor associated with the event, where Google would give away tech swag bags up until last year.

It is rumoured this year that the new successor to Android KitKat will be revealed at the I/O 2014 conference. The Google Nexus 8 might also be revealed at the event, with production beginning in July or August.

The Nexus 5’s successor is not expected till the second half of the year however, according to Google’s Sundar Pichai.


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