Google I/O 2021 Event Wrap Up

HyLyt joins hand with EST Global Inc, a Fintech for Seamless Data Management

HyLyt joins hand with EST Global Inc, a Fintech for Seamless Data Management

Google just finished their keynote a night ago, and there were a lot of new announcements, from improving the google workspace to the new Android 12 looks and features, and even about LaMDA, and AI Assistant that had a conversation as if it was the planet Pluto.

They announced a smart canvas initiative for their workspace that would eventually enhance the workflow and have feature like starting a google meet video call right from the slide, doc or sheets.


Google LaMDA
Source: Google

Here’s is an example of LaMDA AI technology have a conversation as if it was a paper plane. Sundar Pichai showcased this pre-recorded conversations, and capabilities of what an AI tech like LaMDA could achieve.

And now let’s talk about Android 12, a whole new redesigned interface with some extra features too, like adapting or changing to a certain theme even if you change just the wallpaper.

You can now fully disable Camera and Microphone Access for all the apps straight from the control centre. They call it the “Material You” design.

Android 12
Source: Google

The interface will be applied to all of its products from webs to apps to desktops as well. Some new privacy features have also arrived, a new privacy dashboard.

They will add some new integrations with the Google Chrome OS too, check your messages, photos right from your phone on Chrome OS.

Google showcased Project Starline, which uses higher resolution cameras and depth sensors to develop a real-time 3D model of a person who is across you to create the feeling of their presence right over there and having face-to-face meeting.

Google Starline
Source: Google


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