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Google has unveiled a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool capable of generating music using a diverse array of over 100 world instruments

Google has introduced a novel AI experiment, the Instrument Playground, to celebrate the festive season. Developed by artist-in-residence Simon Doury at Google Arts & Culture Lab, the AI-powered tool allows users to create music inspired by over 100 instruments from around the world. Among the featured instruments are the Veena from India, the Dizi from China, and the Mbria from Zimbabwe. The tool, known as MusicLM, enables users to choose the instruments they wish to play, generating a 20-second sound clip in response. Additionally, users can add descriptive terms such as ‘moody,’ ‘happy,’ or ‘romantic’ to shape the outcome. For festive compositions, terms like ‘merry’ or ‘joyful’ can be added. The tool offers various modes, including “Ambient,” “Beat,” and “Pitch,” allowing users to experiment with different sound effects.

In the advanced mode, users can access the sequencer, enabling them to layer and loop up to four instruments. Google has also pre-created festive jingles, such as “Chime Chime Ya,” a composition inspired by festive chimes, and “Ho Ho Ho,” an ode to Santa Claus featuring layered “festive church bells” and “heavenly gongs.” While the Instrument Playground offers an engaging platform for music creation, some users have reported technical glitches, including the tool not working properly or rejecting certain prompts. In some instances, an error message appeared, stating that the tool does not allow prompts referencing specific artists.

This new AI experiment follows Google’s previous introduction of the MusicLM text-to-music AI tool in May. The text-to-music tool allows users to input text prompts, and the AI generates corresponding musical compositions. With the Instrument Playground, Google expands its creative offerings by incorporating a diverse array of global instruments, providing users with a unique and festive musical experience.


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As part of the AI experiment, Google aims to showcase the capabilities of its AI technology while engaging users in a playful and culturally diverse music-making experience. The Instrument Playground adds to the company’s repertoire of creative tools and demonstrates the potential of AI in the realm of music composition and exploration. Users interested in trying out the new tool can access it on Google’s website.

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