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Google Glass Refresh Tipped to Sport Intel SoC, Larger Prism Display, and More

Google is reportedly planning to launch the next-generation of Google Glass augmented reality headset with updated specificaitons and features.

google glass side view

The new Google Glass, internally being referred to as ‘Enterprise Edition’ or ‘EE’, is said to include a larger prism display as compared to the current ‘Explorer’ version, along with an Intel SoC and a slightly improved battery life.

People familiar with the Google Glass Enterprise Edition’s advanced prototype havementioned 9to5Mac that the wearable will sport a longer prism glass that would eliminate the users need to look towards top right every time. This would also reduce the eyestrain issues users reportedly had with prolonged use of the Google Glass. However, the sources have not clarified if the display resolution has been changed or not, but have mentioned that it would be “better” than the Explorer Edition.

The information about the Enterprise Edition’s Intel Atom chip also goes in line with what the Wall Street Journal reported last December. The new report claims Google Glass would be using a low-power Intel Atom chip, which is said to be clocked slightly faster than the chipset inside the current top Android Wear models. The exact chipset model has not been mentioned.

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition might come with an external battery pack as well. It is not yet clear how large the external battery pack’s capacity is. The inbuilt battery life has also been improved. 9to5Mac also claims the Enterprise Edition to feature 5GHz Wi-Fi 802.11ac band connectivity, in line with a device named GG1 passingthrough FCC certification last week.