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Google Enhances Workspace Apps with New AI Features

Google has introduced a range of updates and new features to its Workspace suite, along with the unveiling of the Gemini capabilities, during its Cloud Next 2024 conference. These updates aim to boost productivity and collaboration for users by integrating AI more deeply into Google’s products. The enhancements will be accessible to Gemini Enterprise and Business customers, as well as Google One AI Premium subscribers.

One of the notable additions is the expansion of the “Help me write” feature in mobile Gmail, which now supports voice prompting and input. This enhancement facilitates the sending of emails while users are on the move, making the process more convenient and efficient. Additionally, a new feature called “Instant Polish” has been introduced in Gmail, allowing users to transform rough notes into polished emails with just a single click. According to Google, a significant portion of enterprise users who have tried the Help Me Write feature in Docs or Gmail have continued to utilize Gemini’s suggestions.

Another noteworthy update is the introduction of new tabs in Google Docs, enabling users to organize information within a single document without the need to link multiple documents or search through Drive. Furthermore, Google Docs will soon support full-bleed cover images, enhancing the visual appeal of documents.

In Google Sheets, a new tables feature has been added to simplify data organization and formatting. Additionally, users can now access a variety of templates for different purposes, and conditional notifications have been introduced for automated alerts based on specific criteria.

Gemini’s AI capabilities are being extended to Google Chat, where they will summarize conversations and provide answers to questions. Chat users will also benefit from automatic message translation and an increased spaces capacity of up to 500,000 members.

Moreover, Google is expanding its language support with the “Translate for me” feature, which will automatically translate captions into 69 languages covering 4,600 language pairs. Additionally, a new feature called “Take notes for me” is currently available in preview mode.

Google has also introduced a new enterprise add-on priced at $10 per user per month, which integrates Gemini into Chat and Meet, offering advanced AI-driven meeting and messaging tools. Furthermore, this add-on enhances security within Google Drive by using AI to classify and protect sensitive files, supporting DLP controls, classification labels in Gmail, and experimental post-quantum cryptography.

Overall, these updates and new features demonstrate Google’s commitment to leveraging AI to enhance the user experience and productivity across its Workspace suite. By providing more intuitive and efficient tools, Google aims to empower both individual users and enterprises to achieve their goals more effectively.

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