Google Doodle for USA vs Belgium is Football with an American Touch

Doodle_46_360x270The Google doodle for the late night Round of 16 Belgium vs USA cracker is a twist in the World Cup doodle tale. While the last ones have focused on evangelizing the world to follow the amazing world tournament, this one brings the quirky touch of America’s favourite football vs our favourite soccer.

The doodle animation for USA vs Belgium begins with the ‘g’ and the ‘l’ and ‘twice the o’ of the Google letters contemplating the team structure and line-up like the Belgium manager’s squad, when they are greeted, to their surprise, by the capital ‘G’ dressed as an American rugby player.

The adorable doodle animation is a sweet take on USA, the forever ‘Rugby’ and ‘Baseball’ fanatics, surprising the world as they go ‘head on’ with Belgium for a fight that will take one of the nations to the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup 2014. 

The last and the only time USA managed to win a Round of 16 match was back in 2002. This time the underdogs are against the ‘tough to crack’ Belgium who were considered as the strongest barring the ‘Big 4’ at the start of the tournament and rightly so.

But with Brazil only making it the quarterfinals after a tough penalty shootout against the Colombians, the Dutch attackers lighting the field on fire every now and then, and Spain already knocked out of the tournament, it’s really anybody’s game now.  

Here’s to the Google doodle #46 paying its respect to the USA’s football splendour, supported by a million eyes back in United States along with President Barack Obama, while their fate hangs in balance as they go against Belgium.

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