Google chrome adjust address bar using machine learning

Google uses machine language in chrome and plans to extend the use of machine learning in several areas in the future. Chrome address bar will soon display and adjust icons using machine learning by which Google will be considered the most useful source. Chrome displayed a voice search icon or search icon using machine learning. The display of the icon  features shows how the feature  will look on chrome for Android. Google noted that the user customizes the functions but does not provides the details. If the suggested action changes user will find dynamic feature confusing. It is considered that the suggested actions are available somewhere in chrome and will help inexperienced users.

Google highlighted two additional uses of machine learning in the browser. The first one in safe browser which is the feature that determines if the downloads and sites are safe or they are need to be blocked. Machine learning will also be used by translation feature of chrome when users will use journeys in the browser. Because of machine learning page content is already being translated and ten of millions transactions have been done in a day.

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