Google celebrates its 15th birthday with animated pinata doodle

google celebratesNEW DELHI: Wish Google a Happy Birthday! Google on Friday marks its 15th birth anniversary with an animated and interactive doodle on its home page.

Google, the search engine giant, was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students of Stanford University. Although the company was founded a few weeks earlier but September 27 is celebrated as its birthday.

The search engine giant has featured a playful doodle by depicting the popular Mexican birthday game pinata(a container made of papier-mache or cloth filled with candies or small toys).

The letters of Google logo are depicted as guests of the birthday party except the 4th letter ‘g’.

The 4th letter ‘g’ of the logo is blindfolded and it hits the swinging pinata with a stick.

Users are given 10 chances to hit the swinging pinata with the stick by pressing the spacebar on their computer keyboards to win candies and earn points.

cake is also displayed in the doodle with two candles ‘1’ and ‘5’ on it.

Google has also announced that it had updated its search engine algorithm with the aim to deliver better search results to its users.

source : Times of India