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GNNS meet-2016 to be Host by Sprient Communication

Spirent Communications, the leading provider of verification, assessment, analytics and device intelligence solutions, today announced that, it will host the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) – Meet 2016 on June 15, at Bangalore.
As GNSS becomes more ubiquitous in infrastructure, the user meet intends to highlight latest technology trends and bring together, users, manufacturers, RPNT technology providers and application developers on a common platform. The genesis of navigation satellite systems, as well as satellite-based augmentation systems has fostered industry cooperation & collaboration on satellite navigation, to ensure delivery of best possible accuracy, availability, integrity, and performance.
“Satellite positioning has a rapidly widening range of applications—from defence and intelligent transport systems to cameras, wearable’s, drones and tablets. However integrating a GPS or multi-GNSS receiver into a system—and verifying, that the system works accurately everywhere—can be a challenge,” said Mr. Raghavendra Rangarao, Senior Product Specialist for Positioning, Navigation and Timing Solution, Spirent Communications, India . As satellite-based navigation and positioning become must-have features of consumer and commercial devices, proper testing of every functionality is highly essential, he added.
GNSS capabilities becoming the norm, consumers expect accurate and continuous positioning information from their device. With accurate, rapid and versatile test technologies, it is important to benchmark performance when subjected to various errors, test its future readiness, ensure that it is fit for deployment, check vulnerabilities & test resilience in the presence of possible threats and validate GNSS performance with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and FM connectivity.
Spirent has been the global leader in GNSS testing for over 30 years and delivers navigation and positioning test equipment and services to governmental agencies, major manufacturers, integrators and space agencies worldwide. As a developer of GPS/GNSS systems for mobile devices, chipset development, transport, military and government use, companies rely on Spirent’s multi-GNSS and hybrid positioning simulators to test resilience in the presence of possible threats and other performance-impairing factors. Spirent helps companies meet challenges at every step of the way—with its world-class, ground-breaking test solutions and in-depth support.
About Spirent Communications
Spirent Communications Plc. (LSE: SPT), a global leader in test and measurement, offers an extensive portfolio of solutions to test data centers, cloud computing and virtualized environments, high speed Ethernet networks and services, 3G/4G wireless networks and devices, network and application security, automotive and positioning technologies.

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