Get the perfect selfies with PNY’s wireless selfie stick

Selfile Stick


Always wanted the perfect selfie? You need a selfie stick gadget for your smartphones to get the perfect shot that you’ve always wanted. PNY Technologies, the leading manufacturer of memory products and PC peripherals, has introduced their first wireless selfie stick. Self portrait has never been easier with the PNY selfie stick around. Never take an awkward selfie again thanks to its adjustable length with 7-flex section, which catches a wider view while taking photos. No more arm-in-out shots or clicking the pavement, capture elegant and fun pictures of yourself or your loved ones anytime.

The PNY selfie stick has a standard ¼” tripod thread that extends from 23.5 cm to 100.5 cm that makes a perfect accessory to create selfies with your iPhones, smartphones or android phones.  This tripod allows you to get that perfect selfie photo without having to ask a passerby for assistance.  The sturdy and handy grip head ensures your camera phone is strapped to the extension and prevents it from slipping out while you take your pictures. Simply snap the phone in place and start clicking away to great selfies for your Instagram and Facebook posts.


The PNY selfie stick weighs a mere 169g, light enough to be carried around anywhere you go be it parties or outdoor travelling. Its sturdy build and tough steel manufacturing can load up to 500g weight of any smartphone that you possess. It can carry compact cameras and smartphones or tabs.

The selfie stick sports a micro USB input port located at the end of the grip and consists of a powerful 500mAh battery capacity. It also includes an on/off switch button at the end of the grip, so you can turn off your selfie stick when not in use and conserve your battery at the same time. The PNY selfie stick operates at a very low charge voltage of 5V making it a low-consuming, eco-friendly device.


The PNY selfie stick supports Android 3.0 and iOS 4.0 operating systems and is backed with a limited warranty of 1 year. It is available in two colors-black and white.

The festive holidays are coming soon and many memories and moments will be captured in pictures and videos. Make them more precious by taking pictures and group shots with family and loved ones with the selfie stick at your service. Capture endless pictures without any awkward angles or unwanted cropping of your background. The Holiday season is the perfect time to get the PNY selfie stick for capturing all your precious memories and upload the best pictures for the world.