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GEP Uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to Enhance its Procurement & Supply Chain Software Solutions

Microsoft’s AI solutions have expedited GEP’s software development, reducing it from months to a few days

GEP, a leading provider of supply chain strategy, software, and services to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises worldwide, today announced the launch of a suite of solutions within GEP SOFTWARE that uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. This integration offers clients an intuitive interface to query data, automate processes and improve decision-making to optimize operations.

“The AI capabilities from Microsoft are a giant leap forward. This integration provides our clients with a conversational-based interface that is more intuitive, allowing them to derive actionable insights and improve global procurement and supply operations like never before, unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity,” said Subhash Makhija, chief executive officer, GEP. “We’re using generative AI capabilities through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to identify operational gaps and risks in supplier contracts and brainstorm ways to optimize procurement and value chains.”
“This collaboration aims to accelerate AI-driven innovation to deliver more efficient and sustainable global procurement and supply chains for our joint customers,” said Alvaro Celis, vice president of ISV Sales for Microsoft.

GEP SOFTWARE, used in 120 countries, is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. It includes GEP SMART™, named the world’s best procurement software, encompassing spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier management, savings project management, catalog management, and category workbench, and GEP NEXXE™, the next-generation cloud-native supply chain unified platform. Microsoft’s generative AI capabilities are incorporated into the GEP MINERVA™ suite of AI and machine learning (ML) engine enabling cross-organization data analytics and decision support. GEP SOFTWARE enables global companies to drive optimum efficiency, agility, visibility and actionable intelligence into all procurement, purchasing and supply chain functions while eliminating burdensome infrastructure and support costs to achieve maximum ROI.

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