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GeeksforGeeks fulfills all the requirements of the individuals for placement preparation

IT Voice:-Tell us about GeeksforGeeks and how does it work?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-GeeksforGeeks – it is a Computer Science portal that fulfills all the requirements of the individuals for placement preparation. Whether it be quality content for Data Structures & Algorithms, Programming Languages, Interview Experiences, Practice Problems, tutorials of other CS Subjects, various online & offline courses – the platform provides you with almost everything that is required to prepare and crack the interview of any big tech company. Also, GeeksforGeeks allows you to write on a particular topic and share it with everyone using the ‘Contribute’ feature and you can get rewarded too for it via remuneration, internship opportunities, discount offers, or any other way. Other than that – various coding events, campus programs, webinars are held regularly for the individuals. Contentedly, it is one of the fastest-growing communities among programmers and all the tech individuals with a reach of around more than 10 million users.

IT Voice:-Which industry and domain do you cater to?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-GeeksforGeeks is catering to the Ed-tech and Online Education industry. Via being in this domain, GeeksforGeeks is constantly trying to provide quality education and learning resources to the students that can help them to establish a successful career in the tech world – especially for the students who are not having the access to a quality education because of any reason such as unaffordability, geographical barriers, etc. Unlike other platforms in the ed-tech domain, GeeksforGeeks is not only concerned with providing quality learning resources but the platform is working actively to solve each and every placement-related concern of the students in all possible ways. The internal teams of more than 200+ professionals actively work at GeeksforGeeks to understand all the concerns or doubts of the students and come up with something worthwhile and relevant accordingly.

IT Voice:-What impact it is making on that particular industry?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-GeeksforGeeks aims to make online learning as much affordable as it can be and that too without compromising with the quality so that it can be accessible to every student. And with a similar reason, you’ll find the majority of the content over the platform is provided free of cost to everyone. Also, GeeksforGeeks understands the need of each and every student and that’s why we’re providing the content and courses for each level i.e., from beginner to advanced to make the online learning world a better place for them. Since its inception, the platform has evolved exponentially and it has benefited a huge number of students across the world to achieve their career goals and looking forward to doing the same in the future also.

IT Voice:-How is it helping people and businesses?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-As mentioned previously, GeeksforGeeks is helping the students by providing quality education with the utmost level of affordability. The courses provided here are designed by industry experts and come up with numerous enriching features like premium video lectures, schedule flexibility, practice & assessment tests, lifetime access, certificate, internship opportunities, etc. On the other hand, the platform is helping many businesses as well, for instance – various YouTube video creators are using our website to come up with enriching content, various tech organizations are also preferring GeeksforGeeks to prepare content for the recruitment process, etc.

IT Voice:-How did this idea come up?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-Let me tell you first that I was having a passion for teaching since my college days. However, the idea to start a platform like GeeksforGeeks first strike in my mind during my graduation days itself when I found myself and other students of my batch struggling to prepare for the placements as there was no one to guide us about the recruitment process, to provide us the quality resources, to let us know what companies ask in the interview and other similar concerns at that time. Eventually, I realized that this is the problem of every second student and there is a need to come up with a platform that can help the students in this situation in all possible ways. This is the story behind GeeksforGeeks!

IT Voice:-Who are your competitors?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-To be honest, the only competitor of GeeksforGeeks is GeeksforGeeks itself! We persistently try to make the platform better than yesterday and come up with updated & relevant content for the students consistently. I remember that we started from very small milestones such as 4-5 posts per week, and the frequency increased gradually and even it is increasing now as well. Also, there was not any income from the blog in the initial years and we faced so many hurdles and challenges but the platform is continuously evolving because of our sheer commitment to come up with the topmost content and other resources for students. We always work on aspects like what new can we provide to the students, what will help them to get their dream job effectively, etc.

IT Voice:-Tell us about the founders?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-Okay, if I tell you about myself – I’m an IIT Roorkee alumnus and worked with DE Shaw and Co. as a Software Developer and JIIT Noida as an Assistant Professor. As I said that idea for the website came to my mind earlier but GeeksforGeeks was started by me when I was simultaneously working at DE Shaw. Though I left that particular job to actively work on the website. Also, there are few more CORE members in the GeeksforGeeks family, who really helped the platform to scale up at a higher level and are working hard to help the students in the best possible way, I cannot thank them enough for their dedication to the company.

IT Voice:-Tell us about your services and product?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-The portal provides you with enriching tutorials for Data Structures & Algorithms, Programming Languages, Computer Science core subjects, etc. along with numerous interview experiences and practice problems. And not only tutorials, but there are also various online & offline courses available over the website at very much affordable prices that are designed by the industry experts to make things more convenient for the students.

Other than that, the practice section of the website allows you to practice as many programming problems as you want without any hassle. Also, you can track your progress and view your rank among other programmers. You will also be provided with solutions for all the problems along with a detailed explanation, in case you need it.

In addition, the platform provides the ‘Contribute’ option, where users can come to write on a topic and can share it with everyone. They get rewarded also for contributing in the form of remuneration, internship opportunities, discount offers, etc. Also, whether you’re a student or a working professional – anyone can contribute to GeeksforGeeks and share their knowledge. The contribution process is also quite simple as all you’re required to do is visit the “Pick an Article” section and choose a topic as per your interest from a pool of topics and submit it once you’ll be done with the writing process.

Moreover, GeeksforGeeks also has its own job portal for all the individuals out there where you can explore thousands of job opportunities conveniently and apply for the relevant ones. You can get the company information, job description, and other required details for each job by simply clicking on it. If you find the job opportunity relevant, you can apply for it from the same page by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button without any charges.

Meanwhile, the website has a very intuitive & easy-to-use interface and recently we’ve launched GeeksforGeeks Premium also for a better learning experience,

IT Voice:-What is the vision and USP of as compared to other players in the same domain?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-GeeksforGeeks is entirely focused on the vision of making students industry-ready by providing them with skill-based cost-effective quality education to get them their dream job or other career goals. We believe that quality education is the right of every individual and it should be accessible and affordable to each of them. And to make this vision accomplished, GeeksforGeeks is doing it all in every possible way that also sets us apart from other players in the same domain. For example – we provide a majority of the content on the website free of cost to the students. Also, GeeksforGeeks has never got into any external funding process as it may lead to a contradiction in vision and goals which subsequently might be resulted in the lack of quality content.

IT Voice:-Businesses are facing a hard time in India, how much has it affected your company?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-No one can deny that in recent times businesses are facing a hard time – not only in India but across the entire world especially due to the covid pandemic. Though GeeksforGeeks also get impacted in these hard times but overall in a positive manner as it emerged as the savior for everyone whether it be the students or working professionals by providing them the quality learning resources, placement preparation guidance, job opportunities, and other required things without letting them step out of their house. We also identified that preparing effectively for a tech interview is not only the only problem but to get adequate interview opportunities is also a significant concern in itself and keeping this in mind we made the GFG job portal open for everyone to help out the individuals in landing up their dream job without any hassle and make this tough time a bit better for them.

After the global pandemic situation, the responsibilities of GeeksforGeeks (and other ed-tech platforms as well) towards society has increased up to a greater extent and we’ve got ourselves ready for it.

IT Voice:-What are your future plans?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-There are a lot of new ideas and plans that are lined up for future prospects. If I talk about few ones – we’re planning to come up with various new online courses based on trending technologies as per the industry requirements, various new campus programs and coding events all over the nation, integration of the latest technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, etc. in the platform to make the learning experience better for students, etc. Also, we’re planning to come up with a feature for video creators where they will get the opportunity to get uploaded their videos on GeeksforGeeks Official YouTube Channel similar to the ‘Contribute’ feature where students showcase their technical and writing skills on the website. Other than these, many more exciting things for the geeks are also under planning.

IT Voice:-What are the expected expansions?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-Talking about the expansions, we’re working on various worthwhile things that you’ll get to see in the coming times. For example, we are coming up with a School Learning module at GeeksforGeeks where the content for the school students will be provided. It will help them to lay a solid foundation for their future career goals. Similarly, as said above, various new courses based on trending technologies in the tech industry along with several coding events and other programs are also part of our expansion plans. In general, what I can tell you is that our primary goal is to meet all the needs and requirements of the students to land them their dream job and so GeeksforGeeks has set all its future endeavors and expansion plan by solely focusing on this particular vision.

IT Voice:-What is the company’s client base?

Mr.Sandeep Jain:-The company’s client base is actually the users of the website i.e., all Computer Science enthusiasts whether it be college students or working professionals. The platform helps them to learn & upskill and acts as a one-stop destination for all the placement-related concerns of these individuals. Considering the numbers, GeeksforGeeks caters to about 10+ million individuals across the world. Moreover, the website reaches around 1,370,00 unique users each day and gets huge traffic of 4,000,000 pageviews every day. In addition, according to Alexa Ranking, GeeksforGeeks is currently enjoying a Global Traffic Rank of 278 and in India, it is ranking at 47th position that probably will give you an idea of the popularity of the platform among people.