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Geeks On Call Educates Their Clients About The End Of Microsoft’s XP Operating System

logo (2)Geeks On Call is using the end of Microsoft’s XP operating system’s lifecycle as an opportunity to educate their clients by developing a program of to share this important information and provide upgrade solutions. Geeks On Call recently kicked off an educational campaign to inform their client’s about strategies and action plans to implement before the April 8, 2014 XP final target date.

I was concerned reading the latest survey statistics on the number of business owners who are unaware of the end of support associated with Microsoft’s XP operating system. Unfortunately, many businesses are uninformed regarding the impending consequences of their inaction on upgrading their XP operating system,” stated Halli Evans, Director of Marketing for Geeks On Call.

On April 8th, Microsoft’s XP operating system’s lifecycle will come to an end. This means Microsoft will no longer provide upgrades, security updates, automatic fixes or free assisted online technical support. IT security and compliance are the two most crucial issues facing the business community with the demise of the XP operating system. On April 8th, there will be a strong likelihood that malicious viruses are going to be unleashed leaving undefended personal computers immobilized and viruses spreading quickly through the Internet to computers still operating on XP. Businesses that choose not to upgrade from XP will face critical compliance issues like the suspension of certification and/or notification about the inability to securely maintain their systems and customer information.

Evans included, “Geeks On Call is taking action with the active campaign of newsletters, blog content, webinars and promotions to educate our clients regarding the impact of this situation with XP. We don’t want any of our clients to be uninformed about this important issue and their options resolving the situation for their company.

Geeks On Call now has over 96 franchises throughout the United States. Each office is equipped to assist local clients in range of services including contracted managed services solutions, upgrades, back-up programs, cloud products and services, new equipment installation, and equipment repairs. Geeks On Call IT professionals can help both businesses and residential customers with and an upgrade or migration plan before April 8th deadline.

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