Full MARC’s for ESY’s startegy

ESY India, one of the country’s fastest growing POS companies boasts of a wide range of products ranging from Touch POS machines to Barcode printers & scanners. The company is backed by a very strong nationwide service network.

ESY is now all set to conquer one of India’s most flourishing POS markets – Rajasthan. It has brought on board Marc Infosystems – one of the state’s leading Channel distributors as its partner.

ESY with Marc brings the promise of a partnership based on superior product delivery and ontime service support for dealers and resellers. The partnership will result in increased visibility and profitability, both for the brand and the partners .

In this context, Ms Sanuja, Marketing Head, ESY India stated that post the launch of GST in India, irrespective of location, whether it is upcountry, metro or super metro, growth in the retail sector has already started showing an upward swing. There are many great initiatives by the Govt, like the smart city project, that have fecilitated all-round growth of cities in India. She added that the state of Rajasthan is fully geared to usher-in this new retail revolution and keeping that in mind, ESY has established a robust service network across the state to ensure optimum level of product performance. She also opined that with more and more category A, B and C cities showing double digit growth in terms of retail POS solutions and a lot more retail outlets accepting the POS eco-system, this sector is bound to make a positive and significant impact to the country’s GDP growth.

Ms. Sanuja added, “We believe that our association with Marc Infosystems, led by Mr. Anil Geriani, is going to set a new milestone in our partnership.”

Today, the POS market in India is huge. In fact, ESY no longer defines POS as ‘Point of Sales’ but prefers to call it ‘Point of Service’.

Looking at the spread and reach of the POS industry in modern, digitised India – ranging from the milk packet that gets delivered at our doorstep in the morning to newspapers, soaps, white goods to even vegetables, every transaction we do, every receipt we get, comes printed with a barcode. There’s no way we can escape the wide reach and acceptance of the POS industry. It has well and truly become a part of our existence.