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Fujitsu Limited announces recruitment plans

– Fujitsu Limited today announced the following mid-career recruitment plans for fiscal 2024 (1), as well as its new graduate recruitment plans for fiscal 2025.

Based on its Medium-Term Management Plan announced in May 2023 (2), Fujitsu is promoting changes in its business model and business portfolio to realize its vision for value creation in 2030 by transforming into “a technology company that achieves net positivity through digital services.”

To further strengthen the company’s talent pool, Fujitsu plans to hire at least 2,000 career recruits for its mid-career recruitment plan for fiscal 2024, without specifying a definite target number. In fiscal 2025, Fujitsu plans to hire approx.800 new graduates. Fujitsu will continue to accept applications throughout the year as announced in the previous year’s recruitment planning.

For its mid-career recruitment, Fujitsu plans to further increase the number of career recruits and attract diverse talent with expertise and experience for a wide range of jobs that support Fujitsu Uvance’s business development. Based on its Medium-Term Management Plan, Fujitsu plans to hire approx. 1,000 people who can lead the consulting field in order to expand its consulting services to solve customer issues based on its announcement in the Medium-Term Management Plan.

Fujitsu has previously announced a shift to a job-based hiring system for its recruitment of new graduates. As part of this shift, Fujitsu will discontinue the open recruitment course where new graduates apply for a non-specific job type. Moving forward, Fujitsu will switch to the following two courses:

Job category specific course (3): new graduates are offered a job in a specific job categoryJob-matching course (4): new graduates are offered a job in a specific division and job category

For new graduates recruitment, Fujitsu plans to hire new graduates who can lead the consulting field.

The planned numbers shown in the table above and the expected results represent the number of employees hired by Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Japan Limited.

The Fujitsu Group aims to be a company in which talented, passionate people with a strong sense of purpose can contribute to the resolution of issues facing society and customers on a global scale, and all employees can continue to take on challenges and grow toward the realization of their own purpose.

Moreover, Fujitsu will conduct fair recruitment in accordance with the “Request for Employment and Recruitment Activity for University Students who are Graduating in FY2024” issued by the Japanese government.

All Fujitsu Group companies (besides Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Japan Limited), will also hire career recruits and new graduates recruits.

Details regarding the recruitment of Group companies will be provided on the recruitment websites of each company.

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