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Fujitsu introduces “Uvance Wayfinders”, expanded and strengthened consulting capabilities to deliver cross-industry business value

Plans to build a team of 10,000 ‘Wayfinder’ consultants by FY25

Fujitsu today announced the launch of “Uvance Wayfinders,” a move to significantly strengthen its consulting capabilities. It establishes 13 key focus consulting areas including business and technology consulting to contribute to the solution of customers’ business challenges and societal issues.

Fujitsu will build a team of 10,000 Wayfinder consultants by FY2025. This will be achieved through a new certification scheme, reskilling opportunities, recruitment efforts, as well as potentially acquiring talent and resources through M&A.

This move underlines Fujitsu’s vision for 2030 announced in its Mid-term Management Plan and its ambition to transform into “a technology company that realizes net positive (1) outcomes for its stakeholders including society, customers, shareholders and employees, while providing digital services which contribute to sustainability across industries.”

The concept of “Wayfinders” alludes to how Fujitsu can help customers achieve their business goals, when the route may be unknown or uncertain. Fujitsu’s consultants can offer customers support in finding direction, design strategic paths, and provide guidance and assurance during implementation. In doing so, Fujitsu will contribute more effectively to the solution of societal issues across industry sectors, rather than solving problems based on traditional industry sectors siloes.

Fujitsu aims to become a partner of choice by drawing on its advanced technological capabilities and deep knowledge, cultivated through decades of experience and successful relationships built with customers in a variety of industries.

Developing people skills with ‘Wayfinders’

Fujitsu in August 2023 established the Consulting CoE (Center of Excellence) as a new organization responsible for the governance function of its consulting business. The Consulting CoE will develop an overall strategy for the consulting business and promote the expansion of consulting personnel, including a reskilling program. Fujitsu has further introduced a certification system to ensure the quality of its consultants, and since January 2024 successively produced certified consulting personnel under this scheme. Fujitsu will develop a personnel system throughout its group that provides compensation commensurate with the responsibilities of certified personnel, and promote the following three measures in the training of its consulting talent:

1. Supporting employees’ career transitions through the implementation of reskilling

Ridgelinez Limited (2) will develop educational programs and on-the-job training utilizing its knowledge and know-how on consulting services, and will support employees in their career transition to consultancy.

2. Promotion of mid-career recruitment

Fujitsu will actively promote mid-career recruitment in its 13 key focus consulting areas. Fujitsu will be recruiting a wide range of people with specific industry and technology knowledge, regardless of recruits’ prior experience in consulting.

3. Expansion of human resources through strategic M&A

Fujitsu will actively explore the possibilities of M&A while taking into account the progress of efforts to expand pool of talent in-house through the promotion of reskilling and career recruitment.

[1]Net positive :In addition to maximizing financial returns, Fujitsu will work to solve global environmental problems, develop a digital society, and improve people’s wellbeing. Through technology and innovation, Fujitsu will make a positive impact on society as a whole
[2]Ridgelinez Limited :Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Representative Director and CEO: Toshiya Imai

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