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Fujitsu Enables Real-Time Customer-Centric Marketing with Launch of CX360 Solution

Fujitsu Enables Real-Time Customer-Centric Marketing with Launch of CX360 Solution

Fujitsu today announced the availability of eXperience Data Platform (XDP), a solution that supports real-time marketing fujitsu logothrough data integration for each customer and a variety of consulting services, including those to help businesses formulate marketing strategies. XDP will initially roll out in Japan from November 4.

Fujitsu will offer consulting services and related solutions built around XDP, structured as FUJITSU Digital Marketing Platform CX360, to help businesses make the best approach to each individual customer, and contribute to helping companies become more competitive and transform their business operations.

New CX360 Products and Solutions

Figure 1: Structural Diagram of CX360

1. Digital Marketing Consulting

Integrating information about customers held both inside and outside the company for use in marketing activities requires establishing objective-based strategy formulation and benchmarks for implementing PDCA. Fujitsu’s marketing consultants, trained in using data, help businesses develop more sophisticated digital marketing efforts, such as by formulating marketing strategies, setting KPIs, and implementing and optimizing the operating methods of their marketing solutions.

Consulting features

1) Designs everything from the customer point of contact to operations, systems, and data

Ordinarily, a customer-journey map, which shows a customer’s set of buying habits as a time series, would be used to design the ideal customer point of contact, but the supporting operations or systems often lag behind, hindering further implementation. Fujitsu provides customer point of contact design that can be executed, covering everything from designing the customer experience to the supporting operations and systems.

2) Selection from among extensive approach methods

Customers can choose the consulting method that is best for them, depending on the availability of data for analysis and objectives, such as reviewing operating processes, improving practices, or designing marketing scenarios. For the customer journey, as well, Fujitsu has prepared three types of approaches, including issue improvement, setting goals, and analyzing customers.

Consulting menu

2. The eXperience Data Platform (XDP)

XDP makes it easy to integrate and connect business data and online data about customers, visualizing data, conducting diverse data analyses, and developing rules for the accumulated business intelligence in order to help produce the best approach to the customer in real time. XDP is a digital marketing solution that makes it possible to assemble the best components for each customer individually.

Figure 2: Structural Diagram of XDP Solution

XDP features

1) Extensive menu of options to enable customer-centric digital marketing

Help for deploying and putting digital marketing to use is provided with a range of options, including data connectors to realize customer-centric data integration, universal data hubs, marketing convergence platforms and other essential components, as well as marketing AI containers that use AI technology, and templates that aggregate expertise.

2) Components can be deployed one at a time, enabling quick starts

XDP can be deployed one component at a time. This lets businesses make the most of their existing resources, while deploying only those components they need for customer-centric marketing, so that they can build their platform more quickly.

3) Total support from specialist staff

Fujitsu provides one stop support for using XDP, including everything from planning and operating data-integration platforms to executing programs. Supporting teams are comprised of data engineers with the know-how to plan, build, and operate data-integration platforms developed across a range of industries, such as transportation, retail, automotive and energy, data curators who are analysis specialists and marketing consultants trained in handling data.

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