Fujitsu Brings Simplicity to High Performance Computing

20130703_150617Mumbai, July 3, 2013– Fujitsu today introducesa new initiative making it easier than ever for companies to harness the power of High Performance Computing (HPC), with solutions that enable faster product development and accelerated time to market – plus an intuitive new user interface and complete system pricing now that is more affordable than ever.

The speed hike in computing performance presents organizations of all sizes with new opportunities, for example in quickly validating and exploiting research theories, in speeding up product development through computer-based modeling, and in finding competitive advantages in the market by getting a better picture of customers’ buying behavior, through rapidly analyzing multiple sources of big data.

The use of HPC is increasingly gaining widespread acceptance in the principal fields of research – where its enhanced computer processing power is ideally suited to modeling and long-range forecasting, in analysis, and in production applications from passenger safety through to molecular dynamics.

Making HPC more widely accessible and easier to use than ever, the Fujitsu HPC Simplicity concept combines the Fujitsu Software HPC Cluster Suite (HCS), an immediately optimized x86 HPC cluster solution based on Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers, with a new graphical user interface-based front end.

Fujitsu HPC Simplicity introduces significant new software stack enhancements and a simplified, web-based user experience, while a scalable file systemdramatically improves innovation cycles, by enabling high-speed parallel distributed processing of very large amounts of read/write transactions.

For organizations developing new products and solutions, reducing time to market is often critical to profitability, and HPC is a vital competitive tool for achieving this, both at the research and development and at the production stages. Fujitsu HPC Simplicity enables enterprises to capture the knowledge and expertise that matters to their business, making the use of HPC easier for experts and more broadly accessible to beginners.

Fujitsu HCS is a comprehensive, purpose-built software stack that includes a set of fully-validated HPC software components includingthe HPC Gateway, combining the best-of-breed open source with proprietary software products such as Altair’s market-leading workload management software product, PBS Professional, and tools that ensure optimal operation of the Fujitsu PRIMERGY x86 hardware platforms.

Fujitsu’s innovativescalable file system, FEFS enables high-speed parallel processing of very large amounts of read/write I/O from the compute nodes. Very large-scale file systems with up to 8 Exabytes (8000PB)– enough capacity to store the entire contents of global internet traffic over a whole week – and supports throughput of 1TB/s. FEFS also boasts features such as built-in high availability of all components, fair share I/O management and directory level quotas.

Fujitsu’s portfolio of PRIMERGY servers offers reliability, quality and performance for HPC users. Incorporating more than 30 years of HPC experience and intellectual property, PRIMERGY provides a complete ecosystem that helps enterprises operate more efficiently and drive down costs. PRIMERGY servers also excel in energy efficiency, virtualization features and sophisticated system management functions.

Dr. Christoph Tietz, Senior Key Expert Engineer, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology

“Thanks to Fujitsu, we have a stable, predictable and scalable HPC solution that is helping us make more accurate simulations of the copper and energy markets. This allows us to make the best decisions in a rapidly changing market. The new cluster is stable and because it is homogeneous – running on the same kernels – we can predict exactly how long each simulation will take. And we don’t have to share the computing resource so we can use it to run our simulations 24×7. That means we are getting a lot more done.”

Dr. Bill Nitzberg, Chief Technology Officer, Altair’s PBS Works

“We are proud Fujitsu chose PBS Professional for the HPC Cluster Suite Advanced Edition, providing the best available workload management for HPC users. With this solution, Fujitsu and Altair are continuing our leadership in market-leading computing solutions that are easy to adopt and use. This integrated offering provides a first-rate cluster solution for application users who need to get up and running quickly with a high performance system that just works,”

Pallab Talukdar, CEO of Fujitsu India

“Fujitsu HPC Simplicity brings faster, high-end computing within the reach of mid-size and growing companies for the first time. Affordable HPC systems help companies realize their strategic objectives, and the huge computing power means that no data processing or calculation job is too big, or will take too long. Fujitsu offerings enable our customers to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their datacenter infrastructure considerably. We are pleased to be able to offer our world renowned HPC solutions now to customers in India.”