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Canon Enhances 4K Remote PTZ Cameras with New Firmware and Free Lite Auto Tracking Version

Canon India, a leader in digital imaging solutions, has announced upcoming firmware updates in early July 2024 for its 4K remote PTZ cameras and controllers. These updates will enhance functions and performance, including auto tracking, and will feature a free limited version of the Auto Tracking Add-On Application on supported cameras.

Canon’s new firmware updates for its 4K remote PTZ camera systems will include a variety of enhancements aimed at improving workflow in video production and visual communication, such as web conferences and lecture broadcasts. The updates will deliver smoother and more natural pan-tilt movements and improved auto tracking algorithms to maintain focus on the desired subject even when other subjects cross its path. Users will also be able to adjust auto tracking settings directly from the controller, eliminating the need for a PC. The free Auto Tracking Application (Lite) will offer similar smooth and precise tracking as the full version, but with fewer customization options.

For the CR-N100 and CR-N300 models, firmware updates will improve USB webcam mode performance by increasing frame rates and adding the YUV format, enhancing versatility for web conferencing in corporate and educational settings.

The RC-IP1000 remote camera controller will now display thumbnail images of registered preset/trace functions on its touch panel, allowing for more intuitive control and reducing operational errors. Up to nine camera feeds displayed on the touch panel can be output to external monitors via SDI and HDMI, facilitating easier on-site operations by providing multi-camera displays on larger screens.

Key Features of the Firmware and Applications:

Enhanced Auto Tracking Performance:

  • Improved tracking algorithms to maintain subject focus even when other subjects cross paths.
  • Smooth and natural tracking movements for high-quality camera work.
  • Ability to select and set tracking targets from the RC-IP1000 controller without a PC.
  • The free Auto Tracking Application (Lite) for all indoor remote PTZ cameras.


Improved Frame Rate for USB Camera Output:

  • Increased frame rate for video output via UVC connection to a maximum of FHD 30fps.
  • Support for the YUV format, suitable for various web conferencing applications.

Expanded Touch Panel and External Output Functions for Controllers:

  • Thumbnail display for registered preset/trace functions on the RC-IP1000 touch panel.
  • Output of multi-view screens to external monitors via SDI and HDMI, with support for up to nine camera feeds.
  • Compatibility with Elgato Stream Decks for one-touch operation.
  • Integration with external control systems through Canon’s IP “XC Protocol.”
  • Additional assist functions, such as a focus guide, waveform monitor, vectorscope, and markers for video composition, all displayable on the touch panel and external monitors.

These firmware updates underscore Canon’s commitment to enhancing user experience and operational efficiency in professional video production and communication environments.

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