French Companies Eager To Participate Furtherin The Development Of The Electronic Industry In India

On the occasion of Electronica – Productronica India 2013, which will be held from 4th to 6th September 2013 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in India will organize a visit for two leading companies from the French electronic industry to attend the trade show. During their visit, UBIFRANCE will also organize B2B meetings for them with Indian electronics companies and research centres with an objective to present the latest French innovations and electronic systems and explore business opportunities in the Indian market.

CIMULEC Group and EXCICO are two renowned players from the French electronic industry. Their main objective is to promote their state-of-the-art technologies and know-how in the field of electronic components, manufacturing equipment and their applications and to share their expertise with decision makers and design engineers from the Indian electronic industry.

CIMULEC Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of printed circuit boards. Their unique adaptive technology solutions include multilayer printed circuit boards, Flexible-rigid printed circuit boards, Hyper frequency printed circuit boards, High density circuit boards and special printed circuit boards suitable for varied applications in the electronics industry. CIMULEC is globally recognized for its high quality, reliable printed circuit boards and hold relevant quality certifications: ISO 9001:2008; EN 9100:2009; MIL P 55110 (product qualification according to the U.S. standards); MIL P 50884 (product qualification according to U.S. standards) and UL.

With over 35 years of experience in printed circuit boards specifically designed for harsh environments, CIMULEC Group has a huge client base especially from the military and aerospace industries. CIMULEC products are regularly used by leading players in the industry such as in Airbus A350, Boeing 787 or even Dassault Rafale.

CIMULEC is already present in India through TECSOL Marketing in Hyderabad and is looking for new business opportunities in the Indian market.

EXCICO is an equipment company focusing on the semiconductor device market and related industries. The Company designs, manufactures and markets high energy Exciplex lasers tools dedicated to thin film processing and high-tech solutions for the IC Manufacturers (Processors, Flash memories, Digital Imagers, Solar Cells,…)

The semiconductor technology road-map is aiming at smaller geometry lines as well as thinner and thinner layers. The process provided by Excico equipment permits ultra-fast annealing in the melt regime offering a possible solution for processing very thin implanted physical layers. Excico laser equipments have 4 unmatched specifications for Exciplex Laser technology which ensures strong attractiveness for customers. These unique characteristics are the energy per laser shot, the laser pulse duration, the pulse to pulse stability and the laser energy density uniformity over the processed area. No other laser source commercially available can offer similar performances. Excico’s technology is currently the only one enabling the capabilities of melt processing seen as the only one capable of overcoming dopant activation roadblocks.

The company owns an expertise in microelectronics manufacturing process and delivers advanced laser annealing equipment and solutions. It also provides new process alternatives for the manufacturing of high efficiency solar cells. By its new capabilities, Excico is becoming a highly qualified player in the Nanotechnology industry.

India has set the objective of becoming an electronic manufacturing hub. The electronic companies expect stable growth in future and are banking on innovative future technologies for which international partnerships and investments are welcome.