Free Online Courses on Web Design

Free online courses in web designing means training in general design and technology along with programming languages that are frequently used in web design. These free courses do not have credit value or involve assessment or grades.

According to, certain courses come with extra software requirements, but a majority of these are free and available through links on course websites. Let’s take a look at a few of them below:

Free Web Design Courses

1. Accessible Web Design from the University of Washington – This video educates students on how to make websites that can be accessed by those having disabilities. The video does not contain assignments or exams, but has an accompanying publication and a list of resources with extra information. The tutorial has no credit value assigned to it.

2. Applied Multimedia from the University of Notre Dame – This free, online course in Applied Multimedia at the University of Notre Dame encompasses various techniques used in basic web design, including sound editing, image design, blog publishing, Flash animation and virtual design. Students can learn about the usability, aesthetics, content and functionality required in good website design. The course has lectures, readings and assignments, however students do not get credit or homework assessments.

3. Database, Internet, and Systems Integration Technologies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – This is a self-directed graduate-level course covering various parts of information technology, including web development, networking and security. The lessons take students through a web application design project. There are readings, lecture notes, presentations and exams available for free with this non-credit course.

4. Introduction to Web Design from the University of Michigan – This course assists students to learn about topics like graphics, digital captures, browsers and computer platforms. Coding with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are stressed in the lessons and the lessons are taught via video tutorials which can be viewed online or downloaded.

5. Media Programming from Carnegie Mellon University – This was originally taught to non-computer science students and teaches students to perform simple web design techniques comprising of loops and arrays, nested loops and graphical user interfaces.

Free Web Programming Courses

6. Flash from Utah State University – This course offers a free, non-credit version of the course covering how to use Flash 8. One should have access to the software for the course, and a free 30-day trial that can be downloaded from the course site. You can learn how to use Flash for making animated graphics, sound and video in web design.

7. Introduction to Flash MX from Sofia Open Content – This course is located on the Sofia Open Content website and trains students in creating streaming animation, graphics and sound that are commonly used in web design. Those who don’t have the Macromedia Flash MX software can download a 30-day free trial.

8. Java Programming from Sofia Open Content – This course offers a free, non-credit course in Java Programming as per Orange Coast College. It educates students object-oriented programming with Java through 14 lessons, assignments and resources.

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