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Flipkart is expected to venture into the Quick Commerce sector

India’s leading e-commerce giant, Flipkart, is gearing up to launch its quick commerce operations in several cities in the coming weeks. Sources familiar with the matter reveal that Flipkart is in the process of building the necessary infrastructure for its quick commerce venture.

While Flipkart plans to focus on delivering fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), groceries, and daily essentials, the company also aims to tap into other categories such as electronics and fashion. The move comes as Flipkart looks to capitalize on the rapid growth of the quick commerce sector, which is expected to have a significant impact on India’s e-commerce landscape. According to a report by Redseer, the total addressable market for quick commerce in India is estimated to be worth a substantial USD 45 billion.

In the next six to eight weeks, Flipkart intends to roll out 10-15 minute delivery services in approximately a dozen cities. To support this initiative, the company is establishing a network of dark stores, which are expected to be operational in key urban centers like Bengaluru, Delhi (NCR), and Hyderabad, among others.


Despite the challenges posed by the dynamic market, quick commerce has shown resilience in recent years. Companies like Zepto and Zomato’s Blinkit have gained investor confidence, indicating the sector’s potential for sustained growth.

Flipkart’s strategic entry into the quick commerce space is evident from its recent launches, including same-day delivery services in 20 cities and specialized deliveries during occasions like the Valentine season. The company’s foray into quick commerce is expected to introduce a wider range of products compared to existing players.

A Flipkart spokesperson emphasized the company’s commitment to enhancing delivery capabilities and meeting evolving customer expectations. Further initiatives are expected in the coming months to strengthen Flipkart’s position in the competitive quick commerce landscape.

In the past three years, the quick commerce sector has witnessed significant growth in India’s top 15 cities. Key players like Blinkit, Swiggy Instamart, and Zepto have demonstrated impressive daily order volumes, highlighting the sector’s potential for expansion and innovation.

As Flipkart prepares to enter the quick commerce arena, industry observers anticipate increased competition and innovation, which will ultimately benefit consumers with faster and more convenient delivery options nationwide.

In summary, Flipkart’s entry into the quick commerce sector underscores the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of Indian consumers and capitalizing on the immense growth potential of the e-commerce market in India.

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