Five NAS units of Thecus are now VMware 5.5 Certified

Apical Neutrino Drive

Apical, distributor for solution based product line, today announced that Network attached storage expertThecus® has VMware ESXi 5.5 certification for five of its newest enterprise NAS units: N8810U-G, N7710-G, N8900, N12000PRO, and N16000PRO.

Thecus NAS gets the added virtual computing features like easier and more powerful snapshots and cloning, team functionality for simpler handling of multiple virtual machines, improved networking performance and support for even more host and guest operating systems with the VMware 5.5 certification.


These five models make the most of virtual machine functions by combining performance with a tried and trusted platform for SMB and enterprise users. All five models are 10GbE ready which provides speeds up to 10times faster than regular gigabit connections, to handle the heavy bandwidth and output requirements of networked virtual computing. Also, the N7710-G supports RAID levels up to 50, while the other four models support RAID 0 to 60 (0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, and JBOD) for lightning-fast local storage response and rock-solid data durability.


Thecus NAS systems offer compatibility with the latest virtualization technologies, including VAAI, and full VMware 5.5 support. Now home, SOHO, SMB users can easily manage their digital lives through computers, mobile devices, TVs, and DLNA devices without any interruption resulting in high efficiency and productivity with Thecus NAS App. With its greater emphasis on data backup, iSCSI management, CMS, and data protection makes it a perfect solution for business users as well.

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