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Fitbit Updates Softwares for Sense and Versa 3

Fitbit has introduced new software that arrives with changes in UI and will also carry navigational updates. These updates will just be available for 0S 5. The smartwatch company has exclusively advanced these changes into the new smartwatch.

The 2 smartwatches Sense and Versa 3 were introduced in August of the year. All the smartwatches except the latest are not entitled to the SDK 5.0 software.

The OS 5 is known to be Fitbit’s grandest and the most impactful smartwatches’ update (the company has ever done) since the company introduced Ionic in the year 2017.


Image from Fitbit

As per the smartwatch company, the firm is not planning to bring the new updates to the older smartwatches and wants the newer updates to appear in the recently launched; versa 3 and sense. The new update comprises of enhancements in the user interface and it also brings new experiences that can be optimized in accordance with the newly set custom display and speakers present on Sense & Versa 3.

The up-to-the-minute navigation update in OS 5.0 will allow its users to swipe from left to right and even they can take a backward step. If the users are wishing to go back to the clock face, all they have to do is to press the left side button and the rest will be done.

There is also an introduction to a new update in the visual structure. This new update is in the form of a new system that provides more space and makes users an ability to read. It is by the name, Riaju.

The corporation also says that each and every element has been taken into consideration and the user’s needs and requirements have been carefully measured as well. The OS 5.0 comprises of adjustments done for the text and button size and tap targets for making the device easier for running purposes.