Google to Win European Commission for Fitbit’s Deal

For 2.1 billion dollars, the multinational company Google is ready to win over EU’s antitrust approval acquisition for Fitbit with its newest adjustments to address EU’s antitrust concerns.

Google has asked to limit the data use of Fitbit. This action will strengthen the European commission’s offer which was said earlier.

Google also offered for rival wearable device‘s firm to make the whole thing easier so that any user can have access to API for android systems to connect to Google’s Android platform.


Image from Google

The Commission, which is going to plan on the deal by 23rd December 2020 has not published the adjustments’ details.

The European Union competition enforcer will now search for feedback from its rivals and clients before taking any decision on whether to accept the adjustments or block the information.

Earlier google was rejected by the European Commission as it asked for not using Fitbit’s data for advertisement purposes.

After that, the Commission asked Google’s rivals about what all steps should google take to exclude Fitbit’s competition to increase the fitness tracking device’s sales.

The commission also asked about the matters pertaining to digital healthcare and the type of data which is needed by the company, Google. It too asked the question of where the United States company can acquire those data.

Although the deal is criticized by the Healthcare providers, wearables rivals, and privacy advocates.

Also, in the 1st quarter of the year 2020, the fitness tracking company had 3% shares of the worldwide wearables market.