First-Ever Printer From Xiaomi K200 Has Been Launched In China.

Xiaomi laser printer K200 China

Xiaomi laser printer K200 China

Xiaomi has launched its first print, which has multiple advantages. Or this is being called an all-in-one (AIO) printer. 

Xiaomi has recently launched a laser printer in China. The printer has several options, which will provide the user with multiple advantages and with a better experience. The best part of the printer is that. This printer from Xiaomi the Xiaomi K200 will help users to print 4000 copies (pages) with a single cartridge.

And its other functions make it more effective. When using this newly launched Xiaomi K200 printer. This newly launched printer has the AirTap option to print a copy from your device. Xiaomi K200 has NFC support and a printer’s common features like scanning, photocopying a document and printing. 

This is also being said that the printer Xiaomi K200 has other unique functions as well. If you are using WeChat for your conversation. We can get most of the documents from channels like WeChat or other communication channels as well. So, with all that, this newly launched printer from Xiaomi K200 will allow users to print their documents from such applications as well. 

What is unique about the Xiaomi K200 Printer? 

However, the printer has multiple advantages and this has come with something new from other printers. 

  • This newly launched printer will allow users to print up to 600×600 dpi resolution.
  • So, when you print the document or use it for other uses such as scanning, printing or photocopy, the user can easily handle the printer with its backlit touch.
  • NFC technology supports the printer to print using Android or iPhone. 
  • The printer Xiaomi K200 has a pre-installed printing tone. Which will deliver 4000 printed pages.
  • This is a laser printer by Xiaomi.
  • It has connectivity options Wi-fi, USB and using an application. Furthermore, it will be allowed to use Android 07 and its above version, iOS 10 and the above version. All these options are making it more simple and easy. 
  • And the printer will print at least 23 pages in a minute and the printer has good quality material. This will give users sharply printed copies.
  • The best option in the printer Xiaomi K200 is that. This will allow you to print almost all types of pages such as A4, A5, A5R, A6, B5, B6, and letters A4, A5, A5R, A6, B5, and B6. 

Availability & Price Of Xiaomi K200

The printer Xiaomi K200’s pricing in Chinese currency is CNY 1,499. And this price in Indian rupee is Rs. 17,400. So, users who are looking for this product or the newly launched printer Xiaomi K200. Pre-booking is available in China right now. This printer is available in a white colour option. 

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