Feel Safe In The Odd-Even Policy With SAFE CALL Monitoring Service From One Touch Response

India’s 1stOn-demand Safety and Assistance Service with On-Ground Immediate Assistance Teams

As per a WHO report Delhi is India’s most polluted city with six times more airborne particulate matter than the acceptable limit.

As Delhi embarks to follow the odd-even policy from OneTouchJanuary 1, 2016, the number of private vehicles on road per day have shown marked reduction, and usage of public transport is witnessing a considerable jump. While it is a step forward towards controlling alarmingly high rate of environmental pollution in the city, which is proving to be detrimental to the health of general public at large, this move is exposing women to avail public transportation like never before.

A recent survey by Breakthrough, a global human rights organization reveals that sexual harassment in public spaces is an everyday occurrence for more than 90% of women and girls who have experienced this violation at least once in their lifetime.

Safe Call by One Touch Response (OTR), India’s first on-demand safety and assistance service, now provides a panacea to this malaise. Safe Call is a monitoring service that provides an added assurance needed while travelling through unknown/rough neighbourhood, commuting during wee hours or otherwise or when on a long journey.

The OTR’s Safe Call service provides a reliable custodian, consistently keeping a watch over its subscribed users, whenever required. OTR understands the need to have someone to watch over you, someone who knows your whereabouts, in more than a few situations, and is well equipped to provide quick and immediate response incase of distress or emergency. Safe Call service is ideal for women, elderly and children and young adults while travelling alone or anytime during the day.

Safe Call Service can be activated via the OTR app by a subscribed user of the service. It leverages the users’ mobile device GPS to track their movements, and to constantly check on them via a call made to the user at regular intervals as pre-determined, up to the point the user reaches his/her destination safely.

Safe Call service works as follows in different situations

Situation 1
In the event of a user being in distress, the OTR Command and Control Centre that is tracking the user, immediately notifies the required authorities, such as the police, ambulance services, fire department etc.

In Delhi and NCR, where OTR emergency services are also backed by on ground physical support teams, called Immediate Assessment Teams (IATs), are activated to reach the user within minutes. The IAT’s then remain with the user till the emergency is closed.

Situation 2
In case a user can’t be reached during any of the safe calls made to him/her by the OTR Command and Control Centre, OTR immediately activates help from relevant state agencies to locate the user via GPS. OTR tracks its user’s last location and share it with them – particularly when you travel beyond Delhi/ NCR. Your loved ones might call you regularly when you travel, but they may not be equipped to provide the immediate help required.

On standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, OTR’s extensive network and database of vital services and professionals across the length and breadth of the areas covered, enables us to address all sorts of emergencies.

Manoj Chandra, CEO, One Touch Response says, “One Touch Response is the first of its kind service to combine a smartphone safety application with state-of-the-art technology, backed by on ground physical response assistance. We believe that such a complete offering, that is on the lines of services available in leading markets like the US, Europe and Israel, is the need of the hour, in response to rising safety and security incidents.” He added, “In a sense a person should consider OTR service to be their personal safety assistant.”

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