August 6, 2020

Easily Recover Lost Outlook Passwords

Datanumen DataNumen has released DataNumen  Outlook Password Recovery v. 1.0, a free  Windows utility that recovers passwords from encrypted Outlook files. Outlook users who forget the password of an encrypted .PST file can use the software to easily recover the password. Once the password has been recovered, the user can access the file´s email messages, posts, calendars, appointments, and all of the other Outlook information.

DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery works with all versions of Microsoft Outlook, from Outlook 97 to 2013. Recovering a small number of password-protected files requires simply dragging and dropping the file names, and clicking a single button. The software displays each .PST file as it processes and recovers the lost information.

It is a common business practice for managers, auditors, and other workers to access files that were created by employees who no longer work for the company. DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery makes it simple to gain access to dozens or hundreds of these encrypted .PST files. The software is fully integrated with the Windows shell, allowing users to deploy the context (right-click) menu to highlight a group of files and recover the lost passwords for the entire batch of files in a single operation. Users can even run DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery as a command-line operation to recover a batch of passwords.

Sometimes angry employees encrypt their Outlook files – and even their coworkers´ Outlook files – before they leave their jobs and move to a different company. With DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery, company management can quickly and easily discover the passwords that the angry employee used, and gain access to the encrypted information.

Similarly, DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery is used by police, emergency, and security professionals to gain access to Outlook information that was password-protected by people whom they are investigating. Network administrators, data managers, and computer consultants use the software to recover their users´ passwords and access files for which the passwords were simply lost or forgotten.

Price and availability

DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery v. 1.0 runs under Windows, and is available without charge. For more information about this freeware, visit