Facebook Messenger adds desi chumbak stickers Now get desi on Facebook messenger with Indian street Lingo stickers.

picsFacebook users can now send ‘Chumbak Expressions’ stickers that have popular Indian street lingo like ‘Oye’ or a very aunty-ish, ‘Any Good News’. The stickers are available for free on the Messenger and Facebook apps for Android and iOS.

Stickers that have Indian content with street lingo are gaining popularity in India. All messenger companies have added stickers to their line-up. There are some themes that are popular globally, but players in the Indian market make sure that they have good Indian content too available.

The Chumbak Expressions sticker characters are pretty colorful and spew Indian catch phrases. Users can say “Heppy Budday”, “Louve is coming” and “Wanna Fraanship.” The stickers have been made by Bangalore based Chumbak who simply put up a Facebook post on its page saying, “We’ve been working on some really fun stuff for the past couple of months.”

According to a recent report, India will become the world’s highest Facebook population by 2016. India has recorded the highest social networking growth of 37.3 percent this year and has more than 82 million Facebook users currently second only to US which has 146 million Facebook users.

The report added that India has had the highest growth this year, with an increase of 37.4 percent, followed by Indonesia with 28.7 percent growth and Mexico with 21.1 percent. The report stated that a 14.2 percent growth has been registered in social networker numbers from 2012 and by 2017 more than 2.33 billion people will use social networks.