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Facebook is challenging TikTok with its new full-screen vertical player

Meta is gearing up to introduce a revamped mobile video player on Facebook, aiming to elevate user engagement by amalgamating longer videos, reels, and live content into a unified full-screen vertical format. According to a blog post by Meta, the updated video player will initially debut on iOS and Android devices in the US and Canada before expanding globally in the subsequent months.

With this update, reels, long videos, and Facebook Live content will default to a full-screen, vertically oriented display upon tapping on a video within the Facebook app. Previously, Facebook employed multiple formats for its video experience based on factors such as video length or user activity.

The overhauled player will feature enhanced video recommendations tailored to users’ interests across all video lengths. For instance, users may encounter suggestions ranging from quick inspiration reels to comprehensive tutorial videos on home improvement or daily makeup routines.

Furthermore, the full-screen vertical video format will introduce new controls, to be gradually rolled out in the following weeks, empowering users with more flexibility in video consumption. Unlike before, where horizontal or Feed-like player formats were common, the upgraded player will seamlessly transition to vertical videos.

Notably, the visual appearance of the platform will undergo a significant transformation, offering a full-screen option for most horizontal videos, enabling users to effortlessly switch to landscape view by rotating their device. Additionally, a slider at the bottom of the player will facilitate easy navigation to desired sections of the video.

Moreover, Meta has introduced convenient control features, allowing users to tap on the video to access playback controls. This functionality permits users to pause, rewind ten seconds, and fast-forward through segments they wish to skip.

Beyond the updated video player, Facebook users can expect more tailored video suggestions across their Feed and the Video Tab, irrespective of video length. While Facebook continues to serve as a hub for diverse video content, the platform is actively amplifying reels to meet the escalating demand for this format. These enhancements underscore Meta’s commitment to providing creators with a broader spectrum of opportunities to engage with audiences they may not have previously reached.

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