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Facebook Groups Gossiped with Violence Calls

Before Facebook shut down a speedily growing “Stop the Steal” Group on its platform, the forum has featured calls for members to arrange their weapons should President lose his bid to stay in the White House.

In incapacitating the group after coverage and other news companies, the company has cited the forum’s efforts to de-legitimize the process of election and worrying calls for vehemence from some associates.

Such rhetoric was common in the run-up to the election in Facebook Groups, a significant promoter of engagement for the world’s grandest social network, but it did not continuously get a similar treatment.

A survey of US-based Facebook Groups that happened amid September and October was conducted by Counter Action and they found rhetoric with fierce overtones in 1000s of politically oriented public groups with millions of followers.

Variations of 20 phrases that could be linked with calls for violence, like “lock and load” and “we need a civil war,” appeared in approx. 41,000 instances in public Facebook Groups over the 2-month time period.

As per counteraction, expressions, such as “shoot them” “kill them all,” “Hang him”, and “Time to start shooting folks” were used in the public groups for about 7,345 times, 1,415 times, 8,132 times, and 1 time respectively.

The company has said it was rereading Counter Action’s findings and would take action to apply policies that lessen real-world harm and civil unrest, comprising in Groups, as per a statement which was offered by the company’s spokeswoman.

Facebook has declined to say if instances which were shared, violated its rules or say where it draws the line in determining if the phrase has incited grave violence, which, as per its policies, is grounds for exclusion.


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Prosecutors have tried to relate various disturbed militia plots to Facebook Groups in 2020, comprising of a deliberated attack on Black Lives Matters demonstrators in Vegas and a scheme to kidnap Michigan’s governor.

To talk about concerns, the company has proclaimed a burst of policy vicissitudes since the summer targeted at shortening armed social activities, involving U.S. militias, Boogaloo networks, and the QAnon conspiracy movement.

It says it has uninvolved 14,200 groups on the grounds of those changes since August.

As pressure on Facebook has amplified (before the election), the CEO of the company has said that it would pause references for political groups and the latest groups, however, that measure did not avert the “Stop the Steal” group from increasing to more than 365,000 members within 18-20 hours.