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Eye square to offer brands understand meaningful attention through its “Live in Context” tool

The tool enables brands to learn a lot about how users behave and improve their marketing strategies

eye square, an innovative market research company, has launched Live in Context, a unique tool to help brands measure the useful attention of their customers. Instead of only using self-reported data, the tool watches how users act in real-world situations. This complete way to measure attention gives businesses answers to important questions to devise impactful marketing strategies.

The tool/software offers aid to brands in assessing the performance of new products within a competitive market, gauging their success. It provides valuable insights to find pack images that foster increased customer interaction. Moreover, it assists in evaluating the impact of pricing and promotions on conversion rates, enhancing decision-making. By improving product image galleries, it enhances the visual appeal and engagement of potential customers. Additionally, it helps to determine the efficacy of investing in A+ content, enabling informed decisions. In the end, these findings contribute to a comprehensive understanding of ROI and enable the refinement of marketing strategies for enhanced effectiveness.

Volga Benjamin Fernandez, Director (India), eye square, said, “Paying attention that truly matters goes beyond mere time spent or superficial interest. It requires creating impactful experiences that leave a lasting impression. By using perception research methods like eye square’s “Live in Context” tool, companies can gain valuable insights into user behavior, enhancing their marketing strategies. Understanding attention’s nonlinear nature and the key determining factors unlocks digital campaigns’ full potential, leading to exceptional results in today’s dynamic digital landscape.”

“Instead of just looking at the amount of time spent on an ad, it’s better to test its effectiveness based on the purchasing power of its target group.” – Jeff Bander- President , eye square INC

Furthermore, according to eye square’s research, longer ad viewing does not guarantee improved recall or recognition. Comparative analysis across platforms offers deeper insights. Differentiating between image ads and performance ads is crucial. While branding ads capture attention, performance ads drive higher sales. Thus, examining factors determining attention’s impact on engagement is essential. Evaluating effectiveness based on target audience purchasing behavior yields superior results. Understanding attention nuances and tailoring strategies can empower businesses to resonate with their audience and make informed decisions.

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