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Exploring Industry Story Participation Opportunity for Superbot_An ​AI-powered Voice-agent Startup

Based out of Gurugram, Superbot is a brainchild of Mr Sarvagya Mishra and Mr Ankit Ruia. As an intelligent, AI-powered voice agent, Superbot is bridging the communication gap between organisations and their clients. It has the potential of placing or attending over 1 Million calls a day. With Superbot’s prowess, the Co-Founders’ envision a future where every local business or shop will be equipped to operate a full-fledged customer support centre, notwithstanding any delays or lags in communication or the consequent loss of revenue.

The idea of Superbot was conceived when Co-Founders were spearheading the parent company, PinnacleWorks, a key player in the education sector. While trying to bridge the gap between counsellors and students, the co-founders recognised a delay in response despite having onboarded counsellors who were working 12 hours a day. This delay resulted in the loss of vital leads and put an upper ceiling on the number of customers they could reach out to in a single day.

To overcome this gap, the founding team started working on an automated chat agent. The co-founders were determined to commission Superbot, which, unlike other standard bots, would understand the sentiment behind customer queries and respond in a human-like manner. This led to the advent of Superbot for the Education sector, which later evolved into a voice agent.

Today, Superbot offers industry-agnostic solutions. It comprises over 100 Voice Bots, already trained for different use cases for various industries and verticals. The SaaS-based solution is available to be used in just a few clicks by organisations of varying scale and size.

Furthermore, to help businesses of Bharat, Superbot understands the regional dialects, intent and colloquialisms, fluent in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, and more. Furthermore, Superbot comes with multiple human voice-overs along with the option of speed, pitch, and voice modulation.

Superbot can place concurrent calls to cater to multiple use-cases for a brand. Its 24×7 availability further allows brands to scale up the customer support or communication vertical, without any exorbitant overheads. In essence, Superbot offers 10X lesser cost per call, in comparison to the market standards.

With Superbot, brands and organisations now have a trusted partner to meet the burgeoning demands for customer support with no infrastructure expenditure or need for tedious human intervention. Organisations of varying scale and size, from micro to macro, are now empowered with Superbot to boost their ROI, minimise the calling costs, and yet extend a ‘24×7 support’ to their clients.

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