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Experience the Stadium Like Thrill This IPL with ViewSonic Monitors and Projectors

Experience the Stadium Like Thrill This IPL with ViewSonic Monitors and Projectors
Experience the Stadium Like Thrill This IPL with ViewSonic Monitors and Projectors

Watching the match on a big screen is less satisfying than watching it in the stadium. So let’s bring smart products at home from ViewSonic embedded with advanced technologies, higher brightness, clear display, higher refresh rate and acoustic without missing a beat.

Bring home ViewSonic projectors and monitors to experience the stadium-like thrill of each ball, wicket, sixer, four and much more this IPL season. Cheer for your favourite team from the comfort of your couch with your family and friends.

ViewSonic X1 and X2 LED Projector

ViewSonic X1 and X2 LED Projectors provide a new dimension to IPL screening experiences, creating unforgettable memories for viewers. Giving you a stadium-like view, these projectors are equipped with 3rd generation LED technology that delivers brighter visuals and vibrant colors with a lifespan of 30,000 hours. In addition, with its built-in Harman Kardon speaker, you can have an acoustic experience of every ball, making them a perfect screening of IPL matches.

These projectors’ advanced features and technology eliminate the need for frequent lamp replacement and hazardous mercury, delivering high-resolution visuals with 3,100 LED Lumens of brightness. Moreover, with easy Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi connection, you can stream your favourite match seamlessly throughout the season.

Both projectors are the perfect addition to IPL screening experiences, offering advanced features and technology, brighter visuals, vibrant colors, and an enhanced audio experience.

ViewSonic VX3276-4K-MHD

Get a lag-free and exciting experience with 32 inches K entertainment monitor this IPL. The wide screen with a UHD resolution of (3840 X 2160) provides detailed, crisp, clear images, vivid colors and brightness. The monitor comes with dual integrated speakers, multiple viewing angles, hassle-free flexible connectivity with DiplayPort, mini DP and two HDMI ports so that you can assemble your own setup for the IPL matches. Additionally, the User-customized and pre-calibrated ViewMode will make match season unforgettable.

ViewSonic portable TD1655 full HD Touch

TD1655 is the ideal device for a portable and light-weight mini-stadium experience on the go. The sturdiness and screen extension from laptops, tablets and phone feature of the monitor makes it a perfect partner for this IPL. The display unit comes with a pivot-table display that supports various viewing angles for flexibility, and the single cable solution with USB Type C connectivity takes the entertainment-leisure setup a notch higher.

ViewSonic X2000L/B-4K Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector

This IPL season, get ready to immerse yourself in the IPL experience like never before with the ViewSonic X2000L/B-4K projector, the ultimate entertainment solution for IPL lovers. ViewSonic India’s latest addition is designed to provide the ultimate IPL viewing experience for friends and family in the comfort of their own homes.

 The newly launched ViewSonic X2000B-4K projector offers a true 4K HDR immersive visual experience with 2nd generation laser phosphor technology that boasts a lifespan of 20,000 lamp-free hours. With an ultra-short throw ratio of 0.22, the projector can project a 100″ screen from just 23cm away, providing an incredible viewing experience of every minute detail of the match with vibrant colors and detailed images. Being a high-brightness home theatre projector, it gives you a wider and better view of each hit. ViewSonic has partnered with Harman Kardon to offer theatre-level audio supporting Dolby/DTS soundtracks. The projector can also function as a Bluetooth sound bar. Users can alternatively use their Bluetooth headset to receive the audio, allowing them to enjoy the IPL match on a big screen without disturbing others.

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