August 15, 2020

EXL Placed In “Winner’s Circle” In “HfS Blueprint: Finance As-A-Service 2016”

EXL, a leading Operations Management and Analytics EXLcompany, today announced its inclusion in the “Winner’s Circle” of the “HfS Blueprint: Finance as-a-Service 2016” authored by Phil Fersht, Barbra McGann and Hema Santosh.

The HfS 2016 Blueprint Report ranks finance service providers based on their F&A capabilities, as well as the eight elements of the As-a-Service Economy. Companies were also rated on the innovation and execution of their services.
“The use of technology to support business processes has come a long way in the past few years in F&A,” wrote Phil Fersht, founder and Chief Executive Officer of HfS Research. “EXL takes initiative to explore complicated scenarios and problems with a refreshing As-a-Service mindset. The firm articulates a forward-thinking vision for F&A that brings together its analytical talent and technology-based solutions.”

The report highlighted several of EXL’s strengths, including:

  • Client partnership mentality

  • CEO-driven As-a-Service strategy

  • Proven toolset in its Business EXLerator Framework™

  • Talent development

  • Contracting flexibility

  • Focus on financial services and insurance to build the new model

“We are excited to be placed in the HfS Finance As-a-Service 2016 Blueprint Report,” said Narasimha Kini, Senior Vice President and Finance and Accounting business head, EXL. “Our clients are true business partners. We are committed to supporting them by designing, implementing and managing innovative business models that meet their transformation goals.”

EXL’s Finance & Accounting practice provides industry-specific F&A solutions in the insurance and healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, transportation and travel, banking, and media industries. EXL uses the proprietary Business EXLerator Framework to incorporate benchmarking, automation and analytics into F&A solutions. Along with a full suite of transactional F&A solutions, delivered through multi-shore and BPaaS models, EXL specializes in high-end accounting, analytics and CFO advisory services.