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Exclusive Interaction with Mr. Kapil Bardeja, Co Founder & CEO, Vehant Technologies

Mr. Kapil Bardeja, Co Founder & CEO, Vehant Technologies

Vehant Technologies: Physical  Security,  Surveillance and  Traffic  Monitoring  & Junction Enforcement Solutions

What is your driving force behind developing Smart security solutions?

Vehant’s inception took place within the premises of the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, in 2005, marking the initial significant milestone that laid the foundation for its founders’ entrepreneurial journey. This was followed by another pivotal achievement – securing funding from the Technology Development Board, Government of India, as well as a grant for pioneering design work in security screening solutions through the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Innovative scheme, also endorsed by the Government of India. Subsequently, Vehant embarked on a bootstrap journey, emerging as India’s exclusive enterprise proficient in the domestic development and design of solutions that adhere to international benchmarks in terms of standards, features, and quality.

Which problems does your business try to address?

The impetus driving the development of Vehant’s smart security solutions lies in the imperative to ensure comprehensive safety and security in today’s dynamic and evolving landscape. The ever-growing threats to public safety, coupled with the rapid advancements in technology, underscore the need for innovative and intelligent security measures. Vehant recognizes the urgency to provide cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but exceed global security standards.

These smart security solutions are designed to bridge the gap between traditional security measures and emerging risks, addressing the challenges posed by modern security threats such as concealed contraband, explosives, and other unauthorized items.

The driving force behind these efforts is the unwavering commitment to enhancing security efficacy, streamlining processes, and contributing to the overall safety and well-being of society.

How has Vehant changed since it started to meet the demands of a changing market?

Since its establishment in 2005, Vehant has undergone a remarkable transformation to meet the evolving demands of a dynamic market landscape. The journey from its inception to its current status as a leader in smart security and surveillance solutions reflects the company’s adaptability, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

Vehant’s inception marked a pivotal moment as it introduced the first indigenous Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) and X-Ray scanners in India. This achievement laid the groundwork for the company’s commitment to developing homegrown security technologies. Various versions of X-Ray baggage scanners and under vehicle scanning systems have been launched with cutting-edge technology. The range also includes cargo scanner, explosive trace detector and body scanner.

With the progression of advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies, Vehant capitalized on these developments to craft intelligent solutions for smart cities, highways, and enterprises. The solutions include TrafScan® Vehicle Detection System, TrafficMon® Speed Violation Detection System, Red Light Violation Detection System, automated number plate recognition, vehicle classification, vehicle colour & make, detection of speed violation, the wrong way/No entry, no parking, no helmet, triple riding, free left obstruction, no seat belt and mobile phone use can be detected.

Vehant’s Okean AI® Advanced Video Analytics Platform is a suite that offers all analytics solutions bundled together as per the need of the customer. A range of solutions is offered on Okean, notably detection of tripwire & intrusion loitering, abandoned & missing object, crowd gathering & flow, person collapse, women safety, face recognition, people counting, camera tampering, object masking, graffiti and vandalism, human/animal classification, fire & smoke Detection and so forth.

Vehant’s journey has been characterized by its continuous investment in research and innovation. This focus has not only led to the development of cutting-edge solutions but has also fueled its reputation as an industry innovator. This shift showcases Vehant’s ability to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and leverage them to address complex challenges.

What are your top priorities for the following month and quarter?

Vehant’s major goals this year are to become a credible, high-end technology product company, globally benchmarked products, become a company of choice to work for, and to get at least 20% of sales as repeat business/AMC, satisfied customers. 

For the next quarter, we have set a goal to roll out innovative products in our product line. This initiative aligns with the intention to become a globally benchmarked product company. By introducing cutting-edge technology-based products that address emerging security and surveillance trends, Vehant strives to establish itself as a technology leader in the industry. This not only attracts new customers but also contributes to the satisfaction of existing clients and encourages repeat business.

In summary, the next month’s goal is to focus on enhancing customer engagement to build strong relationships and gather valuable feedback. For the next quarter, the emphasis would be on innovation through the rollout of advanced features, showcasing Vehant’s commitment to high-end technology products and its goal of being globally benchmarked. These goals work in tandem with our broader objectives, creating a continuous cycle of growth, customer satisfaction, and technological advancement.

One of the breakthrough deals in 2023 was the order bagged from Airport Authority of India in 2023. The company catered to the order worth 90 Crore rupees to deploy X-Ray baggage scanners at 70 airports in India. Alongside, a similar order of supplying Explosive Trace Detectors to the airports got Vehant’s hiring wheel rolling to meet the deadline and expand the scope of delivery and service to new and existing customers.

Is Vehant growing more rapidly by trading to existing customers or acquiring new ones?

We are growing both with our existing customers as well as approaching the global market at a fast pace. Our sales teams have built strong footholds in the domestic market, and established grounds on the global platform. They are further targeting new countries rapidly. Our deployment teams work together with the clients even after completion of the project until they are satisfied with the operations of the product on their premise and, we provide training sessions to the client for a smooth transition. Our service and support team is available 24/7 to cater to the needs of the client. We offer 360-degree support to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction.

What are your thoughts on video analytics’ integration into urban governance?

The integration of video analytics into urban governance holds significant potential to transform how cities are managed and improve the quality of life for residents. The state-of-the-art Video Analytics Solutions for Smart & Safe City are highly efficient, fully customizable and user-friendly solutions that monitor situations and behaviours, and flag any actions predetermined as unusual. The solutions are capable of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal events based on real-time video streams. These AI-enabled systems can support a combination of multiple video analytics use cases that can be used together. The systems are compatible with 3rd party camera hardware meeting minimum requirements. 

The AI-based video analytics solutions from Vehant reduce congestion based on real-time data, and they facilitate traffic enforcement thus reducing violations. These solutions further cater to the enterprises in various segments such as hospitality, retail, personal protective equipment industry and the like.

Cities may improve their residents’ quality of life by using data and technology to their advantage. 

How do you project the future of Traffic monitoring and premise security?

All our screening solutions provide extremely detailed images for enhanced detection capabilities. The physical security solutions ensure safety and security of the inside of premises and its perimeter as well as sensitive areas like public buildings, malls, transit stations and the like. The solutions detect threat objects with high accuracy in real-time and they enable the security and surveillance personnel to view and inspect minute details about the object under inspection. The advanced AI-based video analytics solutions for traffic enforcement and management help law enforcement authorities augment their capabilities to not only detect violations but also enhance overall traffic management and improve mobility nationwide. The industry-based solutions facilitate the safety of the workforce and compliance for the enterprises.

What new products are you offering to your current B2B customers?

Some of the innovative solutions are indigenously developed by Vehant, giving the company a competitive edge in the security screening sector

Vehant’s under-vehicle scanning systems are an innovative approach to security screening of the undercarriage of vehicles. The product was designed and developed by Vehant when the company was incubated at Indian Institute of Technology in 2005 and has since then undergone stages of enhancement with its latest version based on 3D-vision technology. 

Another innovative solution NanoSniffer, for explosive trace detection that came out of IIT-Bombay’s laboratories, is manufactured and marketed by Vehant. The solution uses MEMS-based sensors which are used for the first time to detect explosive traces. Nanosniffer- Microsensor based explosive trace detection system that identifies & categorizes explosives in less than 10 seconds. It is designed and developed at Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) in Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. It detects all Classes of (RDX, PETN, TNT, AN, PEK etc.) military, conventional, homemade explosives. It is highly sensitive to substances/materials & highly selective- rejects all interfering compounds.

Acceptance of NanoSniffer will open the doors for Indian players to work towards building explosive trace detection systems or other security equipment under Make in India initiative. NanoSniffer is also significant as it will reduce the reliance of the country on imported products or technologies for explosive trace detection and also is a major cost-saving product as its total cost of ownership over 6 years is almost half of the imported products.

Other innovative solutions that contribute to Vehant leading the market in security screening are TrafficMon and VehiScan. These are innovative traffic analytics solutions built on advanced AI-ML techniques for monitoring traffic and detecting violations.

The research and development laboratory at Vehant continuously works to enhance its entire product line with advanced AI-ML based techniques.

What kind of customers do you deal in and What Is Your Customer Retention Rate?

Our customers include Government bodies, smart city projects through contractors and partners. We also cater to enterprises in various industries like manufacturing, retail, logistics and hospitality in securing their premises through scanning solutions as well as facilitating them in safety compliance or premise monitoring solutions.

What sets you apart from your competition, and what advantages do you have over them?

Vehant’s video analytics solutions hold the edge over our competitors as the applications can be easily customized, software applications run on highly efficient operating systems. Our advanced AI-based video analytics platform is compatible with legacy systems and can be seamlessly integrated with the existing systems of the clients. 

Unlike the solutions offered by the competitors, various versions of our under vehicle and baggage scanning systems are technologically advanced in generating images (isometric view) and applying AI-ML based image processing techniques (3D-vision technology) in detecting contraband.

Our advanced AI based video analytics solutions are highly competitive and technologically progressive. Our under vehicle scanning system is indigenously designed and developed by Vehant. We developed advanced video analytics solutions for Indian traffic enforcement and management such as TrafficMon & VehiScan. We have developed a Micro-sensor based explosive trace detection system that is one of its kind.

With a full-scale research and development laboratory running at the corporate office of the company, headed by research scientists from prestigious institutions in India, Vehant has built solutions made in India that are highly optimized and very cost-effective as compared to foreign technologies available in the market. The company provides efficient services for the deployed solutions. 

What are some of the most common business challenges you’ve experienced since founding Vehant?

We are in the process of establishing a supply chain with local sources. This will save the challenges of managing the hurdles of import. It will reduce the supply chain interruptions. We aim to reduce it to 10% in the next 2 years.

Where do you envision the company in the next five years?

Our key investments in near future are to expand our manufacturing plant and invest substantially in research and development and launch new products across all the three verticals of security screening industry 

  • We are working to introduce 3 new products.
  • We intend to invest 2 million USD in RnD
  • We intend to establish larger manufacturing plant within 2 years

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