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EverestIMS Launches Everest IMS 5.0, a breakthrough for algorithm-driven and real-time IT Infrastructure Management

EverestIMS Technologies Pvt Ltd (Everest), an Indian software product company specialized in providing software solutions for IT Infrastructure, ITSM and IoT space, earlier this month announced the launch of Everest IMS 5.0, the latest version of its flagship product with new and enhanced global features.

Everest IMS 5.0 is designed to offer a tech-savvy Infrastructure management encapsulated with improved flow analysis technique. It helps in monitoring and management of the entire business network along with a mechanism to rapidly identify changes made in the network, thereby optimizing business performance.

Satish Kumar V, CEO at Everest said, “Today, the number of connected devices, business-critical apps and data is increasing rapidly. Numerous devices of different types are spread over various locations and managing the administrative tasks for these devices becomes cumbersome for network administrators. So they need to be equipped with an easy-to-use and feature-rich solution. End users need to adapt to an IT infrastructure management suite which not only offers them fault & performance management, but ensures a reliable and secure network with maximum business uptime.”

With power-packed features like: single-page Fault & Alarm management, one-click Alarm-to-Incident logging, Auto-scheduling of device discovery and report generation, Graphics-rich Widget-based dashboards with preview settings, Dynamic column selection in reports, quick drill-down on Live Maps, GUI-based Codeless configuration, etc., Everest IMS 5.0 promises to take infrastructure management to a new dimension with enriched user experience.

“We have leveraged our years’ of experience and industry knowledge to develop Everest IMS 5.0 with high performance and productivity, thereby helping the customer gain on multiple fronts.”

“The new version of Everest IMS not only nullifies the effort of managing numerous devices and critical IT components in a heterogeneous network, but also minimizes network downtime, through a unified dashboard. This is a tool which can be used by businesses across any industry vertical with single or multi-location presence. Through its real-time monitoring and proactive management, this product helps in quick decision-making with increased visibility of the entire IT Infrastructure,” he added.

On the licensing front, version 5.0 will continue to have the product’s trademark device-based licensing model for both base package and add-on module package. Also this product is available in various deployment models including the High Availability mode.

Everest believes in making innovative products & solutions aligned with the latest technology trends. The company offers standard product packages for its individual products, but also caters to making customized solutions on business requirement basis. Everest aims to be part of each of its customer’s success story journey, hence believe in empowering organizations to deliver enhanced high performance services to their end-users.

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