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Even your ‘Mother is Mothering’: boAt’s Heartfelt Mother’s Day Tribute in Swifties Style!

boAt and JioSaavn have teamed up to celebrate Swifties love for ‘Mother Taylor’, but also encouraging them to connect and show appreciation for their own moms. It’s a way to honor “Mother Taylor” while also cherishing the original leading lady in their lives.

boAt also partners with influencer Saloni Gaur for a special episode on “The Pariwarik Podcast,” where she chats with her mom and Dadi (grandmother). In this special episode they discuss how Taylor Swift’s lyrics connect with the timeless advice they’ve shared on relationships, careers, and life lessons that resonate across generations.

As Mother’s Day draws near, boAt, the world’s 2nd largest audio wearable brand is proud to announce the launch of a whimsical campaign that resonates with the cultural phenomenon surrounding Mother Taylor ‘s esteemed title as the “mother of the generation” among her devoted GenMZ fanbase, the Swifties.

Embracing the evolving language of internet slang, where “mother” signifies excellence, boAt’s campaign takes a novel approach in urging fans to not only honor their admiration for “Mother Taylor” but also to cherish and connect with their own mothers.

In partnership with JioSaavn, ads will be featured during Taylor Swift’s songs. These ads, voiced by a motherly figure, will remind listeners that while Taylor is phenomenal, their own mothers are equally wonderful and deserving of attention. The message encourages setting aside electronic devices to spend quality time with their own moms this Mother’s Day

A podcast-style reel featuring Saloni Gaur has been put together ft. her mother and Dadi (grandmother). In it, she is discussing lyrics by Taylor Swift and juxtaposes it with life lessons from them. This is to create a bridge between generations by offering a variety of advice on relationships, careers, and life that appeals to all age groups and is timeless.

Through their out-of-home (OOH) component, a significant emphasis has been drawn on how both Mother Taylor as well as our real mothers have been mothering. Urging people to spend and celebrate their real mothers too, just as they have been celebrating Mother Taylor, all in a playful and humorous manner. For example, while Mother Taylor lyrics hit us hard as she exclaims “I am a real tough kid”. Our mothers have also been speaking the same words of wisdom in her own style as she exclaims “Tu toh mera sher puttar hai”, serving as a gentle reminder to listen to our mother’s advice too.

“This campaign is about celebrating both inspirational connection and the real-life relationships that matter most,” says Aman Gupta, CMO & CO-Founder at boAt. “We are in love and admire Taylor Swift’s impact, at the same time we also want to honor the irreplaceable role of our moms. It’s about recognizing the people who support and inspire us, both on-stage and off-stage.”

This Mother’s Day, boAt invites Taylor Swift fans and admirers alike to join in a heartfelt celebration that acknowledges the profound impact of both “Mother Taylor” and the real mothers who have nurtured us along life’s journey.

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