Eurotech Technologies Launches Wide Range Of CCTV Accessories

Feature-rich and powerful solutions to enhance video surveillance experience

Eurotech Technologies, the Bangalore based leading technology solutions company, today announced the launch of BestNet HD CCTV-accessoriesCCTV accessories. To offer adequate and advanced surveillance solution at affordable costs, BestNet offers a wide range of CCTV Cables, Controllers, Converters, Power supplies and Security accessories required to leverage the existing video infrastructure, enhance capabilities and deliver an integrated video solution.

Eurotech Technologies accessories portfolio also offers a complete range of high quality digital video optical converters, video transmitter / receiver system and connectors that are reliable, high quality, flexible and expandable solutions. The products are thoroughly transparent to protocols, standards and applications, thus ensuring complete compatibility with any Analog and IP camera.

Further, BestNet Video Surveillance Network Accessories includes; Chassis, PoE splitter box, compact PoE switch port, PoE splitter cable, PoE injector, Video and Audio Balun along with 4,8,16 channel camera power supply.

“As technology advancements continue to enhance CCTV surveillance solutions, there is an on-going endeavour to add value with the right accessories and create an integrated system,” said Mr. Anuj Jain, Managing Director, Eurotech Technologies Pvt Ltd. BestNet comprehensive portfolio is designed to help organizations leverage networked video to improve business and operational efficiencies, he added.