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Eurotech announces BestNet USB 3.2 Type C to Type C Active Optical Cable (AOC)

Eurotech Technologies, the leading provider of audio / video solutions, today introduced BestNet USB-C Active Optical Cable (AOC). The cables are a perfect solution for connecting USB-C devices over long distances up to 15 metres without data / video or power loss. Equipped for transmission of high definition the cable supports data/video transfer up to 10 Gbps and video resolution of 4K@60Hz.

Designed with high quality components the BestNet USB-C Active Optical Cable features Type-C (male) to Type-C (male) comes in gold plated design and the kevlar protected fiber is highly resistant to radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference, thus making it suitable for sensitive applications. The active optical cables support USB 3.2 Gen 1 standards and are ideal for use in AR / VR, home theatre, medical imaging equipment’s, LED signage’s, television broadcast stations, conferencing, digital signage & wide range of devices.

Available in 10 metres and 15 metres length, the high-performance BestNet USB-C Active Optical Cables are backwards compatible with USB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. Ensuring no loss in quality, the easy to install, plug & play USB 3.2 Type C cables are engineered for unique needs of enterprises and to ensure performance and quality the cables are tested to the exact specifications and equipped to deliver highly effective interconnections.

“BestNet’s diverse, reliable and comprehensive portfolio of audio / video solutions seamlessly align with the existing system to meet the dynamic interconnect demand across verticals,”.

Anuj Jain, Managing Director, Eurotech Technologies.

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