December 4, 2020

eScan Launches Multi-device Protection

eScan Universal Security Suite ensures safe computing experience for Windows and Linux PCs, Macs, Android Mobiles and Tablets with just a single license key

eScan, one of the leading Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution providers, announces the launch of eScan Universal Security Suite, a security solution that will ensure secured computing experience to multiple devices operating on diverse platforms such as Windows, Macintosh, Android and Linux, with just a single license key.


Today, an array of digital devices are used by end users to fulfill their computing needs. The devices could be PCs, Smartphones, and Tablets, which work on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux or Android. Combining its innovative and futuristic technologies present in its various products, ‘eScan Universal Security Suite‘ is all set to provide advanced protection, as well as flexibility, especially for families and small office users, who have more than one device in their computing environment. With a single license key, IT users can activate eScan security on any combination of digital devices such as a desktop, tablet or mobile, depending on their needs. This flexibility will allow users to have cost-effective and easy management of security of their devices.


eScan Universal Security Suite not only comes with a user-friendly Graphical User Interface but also ensures real-time protection against evolving cyber threats. It is specially designed to effectively prevent Data Thefts and restricts infiltration of devices from wide-ranging security threats. It also comes with an intelligent parental control feature that helps monitor online activities of children. Moreover, eScan helps to locate Lost/Stolen Android devices.


Mr Govind Rammurthy, MD and CEOeScan said, “The complexity of the threats via Internet continues to be the biggest challenge for the home user and small office segment, with most of these places having multiple computing devices, running on different platforms. Keeping this in mind, we have designed powerful and flexible eScan Universal Security Suite, to protect users’ data stored in PCs, Smartphones and Tablets, as well as ensuring them comprehensive protection against increasing cyber threats.”


IT users can experience the secured computing environment provided by the award winning eScan Universal Security Suite from the below link;

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