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Epson Brand Recognized as a Well-Known Trademark in India

Seiko Epson Corporation has announced that India has recognized the Epson brand as a well-known trademark in February 2024.

To prevent consumer confusion caused by the unauthorized use or registration of well-known or famous trademarks, certain countries, and regions, including China, India, Türkiye, and Taiwan, have established systems to recognize these trademarks. In India, the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks recognizes trademarks that are widely recognized in the country as “well-known trademarks.” As of May 2024, a total of 281 well-known trademarks have been recognized in this way.

Recognition will broaden the scope of protection for the Epson trademark in India. It will avoid customer confusion and enhance brand protection of the brand in India by preventing unauthorized use and registration of the trademark by third parties, even in product and service areas where the company does not hold trademark rights.

Epson has gained protection for the Epson trademark globally in countries and regions that, like India, recognize well-known and famous trademarks. Recognition as a famous trademark or the equivalent was gained in Taiwan in 2004, China in 2007, and Türkiye in 2011. Epson launched operations in India in 1990 with the establishment of a liaison office. In 2000, Epson opened a regional sales headquarters in Bangalore to conduct sales and marketing activities for Epson brand printers, scanners, and other products. We believe that this acknowledgment as a well-known brand signifies that Epson enjoys wide recognition and a high reputation in the Indian market.

Going forward, Epson will continue to tirelessly convert intellectual property into corporate value by utilizing all forms of intellectual property, including brands, to support business growth in line with a Purpose-based growth strategy scenario.

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