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Enjay Launches “Tiguin”- Linux OS for Tally with Support Eco-System

Enjay IT Solutions ltd. has launched its new Desktop Linux OS, Tiguin. The main highlight of the Tiguin, is that it comes with entire Support Eco-system.enjayx

The company launched the Linux Based Tally software keeping in mind the requirements of the SME segment. The company realised that it is this segment which is using pirated software for the want of affordable original software. Open source is one such platform which can fullfill their requirements but this operating system needs an elaborate and extensive support system.

Limesh Parekh CEO, Co-Founder told, “We have developed a solution, which would allow SMEs customers to switch to Linux Operating Software, without having any business downtime, and spending on expensive proprietary software or pirated software. Our Tiguin solution, is a result of two years of hard work whereby our team has been consistently working on all the trouble-shooting aspects of installing Tally for Linux.”

In typical small and medium enterprises that have between five to 50 users, they use software to browse the web, emails, office software and accounting software. “But one of the major issues that were scaring customers away from Linux was Tally. Hence, the new solution has come at the right time for the SMEs and we’re confident that by running Tally on Linux, we can reduce use of pirated software in the industry,” he said.

Enjay has been testing this in-house made solution at its office premise for last three months, and shortly, it will be making the solution commercially viable to its SMEs customer through its 600 Enjay Solution Partners Network, and it can easily download and install online at free of cost on office PCs. For its support and maintenance, it will charge minimal fee of Rs 1800 per year on per PC machine basis.

According to Enjay, Tally, did launch Tally version for Linux users in the year 2006, but due to low response, the accounting software company decided to discontinue the same. Moreover, many other IT companies attempted to make Tally viable for Linux, but they were not being successful.

“We see ample of scope for this full proven solution viable for SMEs as the awareness level of using original software’s are gradually growing in SMEs customers, but due to expensive original software’s they end up using pirated software’s. Therefore, we wanted to come out with a solution which can run all SMEs applications seamlessly,” he said.

Parekh feels the solution does not compete with Tally in any fashion; rather we are planning to educate and work closely with 200 master partners of Tally to push our solutions in the domestic market. Moreover, we are also keeping an eye on international markets.

Enjay Tiguin provides all the applications which any business will require, along with the support mechanism to use it. Enjay Tiguin includes standard business apps like Office suite, Email Client, browsers (with all plugins / add ons), and above all perfect printing support. It also supports many devices which are generally used in business place. Enjay Tiguin will be – “One window resolution to all your questions regarding Linux”.

As additional services, Enjay also provides training for using Tiguin and its apps, Consultancy for planning and deployment of Linux across the organisation, Implementation Services. At present the support is by Email, Telephonic (9:30 am to 6:30 pm – Monday to Saturday). But in near future it will be available for 24/7 also.  Enjay is setting up a special call centre for the same.

The USP of this software Enjay Tiguin is the extensive support Eco-system and the fact that it can run Tally natively on it (without RDP).

Enjay Tiguin will be available on DVD (Free shipping), with one month demo, the subscription can be activated later. You can pre-order your FREE DVD today at any of following sites:

www.tallyforlinux.com or www.piracyfreeos.org