Engaging Partner Meet by Vibranium in Jaipur

On 19th of November 2022 , one of the most magnificent antivirus brand Vibranium hosted a Dealer meet in the Lords Plaza, Jaipur for their Rajasthan Partners . This event was houseful and successful where more than 160 + Partners attended this event. This event was hosted by Vibranium team and Mr. Vikas Dhawade -Sales director and Mr. Ravi Dhanwani RSM Rajasthan address the partner. The event was at all times backed up and supported by the entire team of Vibranium who had worked immensely hard with utmost devotion.

Rajasthan Team of Vibranium Mr. Narendra Leelani ASM Jaipur, Mr. Hiraram Tard ASM Jodhpur, Mr. Kapil Kaushik ASM Kota, Mr. Rajesh Bohra – ASM Sri Ganganagar were all present at the event for partners motivation. The entire team of Mega Compu World , Jaipur distributor, Anjani infotech sub distributor had graced the event with their presence.

Mr.Vikas Dhawade sales director said that they were happy to see that lots of their partner achieved the schemes of Vibranium and the honour and gave scheme gifts to 37 partners from Jaipur who achieved schemes of TV. Also four partners were awarded for their highest activation as well as payouts by Mr. Vikas Dhawade

Mr. Vikas Dhawade honoured the president of JCTA – Mr. Mangaleshwar Nath Sharma with flower bouquet in this event. Mr. Mangleshwar Nath sharma stated that the JCTA was formed a few days back with the object to develop and boost Jaipur Computer Traders.

Vibranium have also appointed Galaxy Infotech , Jaipur as a distributor for Jaipur as well as Upcountry – Mr. Sushil Bhutani along with Mr. Ayush Bhutani.

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