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Empowering the Indian developer ecosystem is crucial for building the next-gen virtual world: Agora

Agora, the world’s leading real time engagement platform, highlighted the need to empower India’s developer ecosystem to create the next generation virtual world powered by real time engagement technologies. Agora participated at a recent developer conference, React India, held in Goa, which is an international conference that provides a platform for developers to share and discuss their insights and experiences. React provides developers from India an opportunity to meet, listen, and network with React Developers and Open-Source Contributors all around the world, emphasizing the criticality of building real-time engagement as per customer expectations.

At the event, Agora highlighted how they have helped Indian developers build a platform which is developer friendly and enabled them to utilize Agora’s SDKs and APIs for real-time voice, video, LIVE Streaming and Quality Analytics etc. This also includes customer’s use-case driven extensions such as interaction recording, speech to text transcriptions, whiteboard, 3D spatial audio and AI noise suppression. Apart from this, Agora also has the low code/no code offerings like the Agora App Builder, which is built on top of the React platform that allows anyone to create, personalize, and publish their purpose-built, live video apps to connect with audiences, engage with customers and drive business outcomes. Users can build beautiful video applications in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code and customize the experience to fit their unique needs.

With features such as this, Agora enables developers to deliver rich in-app experiences—including embedded voice and video chat, real-time recording, interactive live streaming, and real-time messaging. Agora powers an average of over 60 billion minutes of human connection each month across the globe. Agora’s mission is to make real-time engagement ubiquitous, allowing everyone to interact with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Ranga Jagannath, Senior Director, Growth, Agora

Highlighting the role of Agora in developing mature RTE solutions, Ranga Jagannath, Senior Director, Growth, Agora said, “We have seen enhanced customer engagement across almost every sector in the last two years – from gaming, media and entertainment, healthcare, education to even the metaverse. Seeing the increased adoption of technology like RTE, we believe it is imperative to make such products customizable and seamless for developers to help build more scalable and interactive environments. Agora is committed to India and by empowering the developer ecosystems we are set to enable products which are more customer oriented, secure, and engaging for Indian enterprises.”

Ekaansh Arora, Developer Advocate at Agora

Speaking about Agora’s participation at the React conference, Ekaansh Arora, Developer Advocate at Agora said, “At Agora, we use React and React Native for a lot of our products and core offerings. Being at React India was a way for us to better understand the developers in the React community and engage in discussions to understand where the developer ecosystem is headed.”

Rishi Ahluwalia, Director, Solution Architecture and Customer Success, Agora

Rishi Ahluwalia, Director, Solution Architecture and Customer Success, Agora also added, “ It was an invigorating experience to interact with developers who build on React and for React. This was also an opportunity for us to create awareness about the “general availability” of our chat solution which is known as “Agora Chat”. We are committed to support developers within the React ecosystem with easy-to-use SDKs, APIs, UI Kits and our Low Code/No Code solutions”.

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