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Emerging Technologies and Trends in the Indian Smart Lock Industry

In recent years, as the world is moving towards high technological advancements, the smart lock industry has rapidly evolved offering a range of features that go beyond traditional lock and key systems. According to Smart Door Lock market research reports, the smart door lock market is expected to grow steadily at a rate of 1.90% between 2023 and 2030. Today, unlocking doors has become super convenient. 

Speaking on the evolution of Smart Lock technology, Mr. Sanat Jain, co-founder of LAVNA Locks, said, “Earlier, door unlocking options were restricted mainly to biometrics. However, the current landscape includes a variety of methods such as PINs, passwords, OTPs, RFID cards, manual keys, mobile apps using WIFI, and the traditional fingerprint unlocking. The enhancements don’t stop there; in case of battery issues, access can still be gained through an external power port. With these cutting-edge technological features, the Indian smart lock industry has elevated itself to unprecedented levels.”

Impact of AI and Technology

Ever since AI has come into being, it has been a game changer in the traditional lock industry. Companies into smart locks employ advanced AI to enhance security and constantly learn and adapt to user behavior. This makes sure that smart lock systems are intuitive and can easily identify security threats. A true AI smart lock seamlessly integrates experience, technology, humanity, efficiency and safety. The main objective of such smart locks is to offer a good human experience, and efficiently meet the daily needs of individuals.

Accessing Locks Remotely

The ability to manage and monitor smart locks remotely is a very new and popular feature in the Indian smart lock industry where companies are still working on its advancements. What users can expect in the upcoming Indian smart lock industry is the ability by the users to offer temporary access to guests during an occasion or whenever a user wants. They can also cancel or reverse the access whenever they want. The type of users who could majorly use this feature should be in the following areas: property management, home-sharing services, vacation rentals, etc. This will not just increase convenience but will also offer a heightened sense of security.

Facial Recognition and Smart DoorBells

Face recognition technology is one of the most advanced features in the Indian smart lock industry in which users can easily unlock their doors by using their faces. Just put your face correctly in front of the lock and the rest of the magic will be done by the lock. The camera built-in will scan your face and match it with the face that has been pre-stored. Apart from this, the use of smart doorbells has revolutionized the entire smart locking system. By sitting in the comfort of your living room you can see and speak to visitors through an app on your smartphone. Some more unique features that you can find are entry codes, push notifications, recording and a high-definition infrared camera.

How Does the Future of the Indian Smart Lock Industry Look?

With the upcoming innovations, the future of the Indian smart lock industry looks quite interesting, it is not just enhancing convenience but is also redefining the way home security has been all this while. And with the emerging trends and technology, the future of the smart lock industry will be smooth, smart, intuitive and secure. However, it is important for people to stay updated about these advancements if they want to incorporate them into their daily lives and make their homes and workplaces smarter and more secure.

As India continues to evolve in the world of technology, the smart lock industry is taking its step towards a more evolved world where each and every home is more smart, secure and convenient than ever. The future is not just about locking and unlocking doors but about creating a comprehensive environment that not just prioritizes security but also equally looks at the convenience of the users. 

Mr. Sanat Jain, co-founder of LAVNA Locks

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