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Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence company, xAI, is launching the Grok chatbot for users within the X group

Elon Musk has revealed that Grok, the artificial intelligence (AI) developed by xAI, his startup, is now being rolled out to Premium+ subscribers on the X platform. This announcement comes after Musk had previously mentioned that Grok would become available to subscribers once it completed its early beta testing phase. X, formerly known as Twitter, introduced Premium+ plans in October, priced at Rs 13,600 annually or Rs 1,300 monthly, aiming to provide an enhanced user experience.

Grok’s introduction aligns with Musk’s vision of xAI as a competitor to major tech companies like Google and Microsoft. The AI system, unveiled in November, is designed to inject humor into its responses and leverages real-time access to information through the X platform, giving it a significant advantage over other models.

Musk’s recent announcement on X regarding Grok’s rollout to Premium+ subscribers lacked specific details about the launch. Grok is positioned as a competitor to ChatGPT, and Musk has expressed his anticipation for users to enjoy the new feature. Musk had previously hinted that Grok would be made available to subscribers once it emerged from the early beta testing phase.






Elon Musk's chatbot modeled after sci-fi cult series claims one key difference from others
Elon Musk’s chatbot modeled after sci-fi cult series claims one key difference from others

X, in its move to diversify its plans, introduced the Premium+ plan, which offers various features to content creators. Some of the features included in the plan are “Get Paid to Post,” “Creator Subscriptions,” “X Pro” (Web Only), “Media Studio” (Web Only), and “Analytics” (Web Only). The Premium+ plan also provides users with the ability to edit posts, share longer posts, undo posts, post longer videos, access top articles, read longer threads, enable background video playback, download videos, and experience an ad-free environment in the ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ sections.

Musk launched xAI in July with the intention of establishing a competitive position against major tech players. The introduction of Grok in November showcased the AI system’s capabilities, emphasizing its real-time access to information through the X platform and its affinity for sarcasm.

The announcement about Grok’s rollout comes on the heels of Google’s introduction of the Gemini AI model, which powers the AI chatbot Bard. In response, Musk shared an image of three cats and humorously criticized the chatbot for incorrectly identifying the number of cats in the picture.

The release of Grok to Premium+ subscribers represents a significant development for xAI as it seeks to carve out its space in the competitive landscape of AI technologies. Musk’s strategic rollout aligns with xAI’s broader goal of providing innovative solutions and offerings to users on the X platform, contributing to the ongoing evolution of AI applications within the social media sphere.

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