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Elon Musk extends access to Grok AI to all X subscribers who pay for the service

Elon Musk is expanding access to Grok AI, the artificial intelligence chatbot developed by his company, to more paying subscribers of X, previously known as Twitter. Musk announced that Grok will now be available to all premium subscribers of X who pay $8 per month, whereas previously it was only accessible to those paying $16 per month for the premium plus subscription. The exact date of the release was not provided.

This move indicates Musk’s continued efforts to compete against AI companies, particularly OpenAI. Musk, who has been both a supporter and a critic of AI, sued OpenAI in February, alleging breach of contract. He had initially helped found OpenAI with the intention of creating an open-source, non-profit lab to pursue Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). However, OpenAI has since become a leading AI company, charging $20 per month for access to its advanced ChatGPT technology.

Meanwhile, Musk has been investing heavily in Grok AI as part of his xAI initiative. Grok is integrated into the X social network, which Musk acquired in 2022 for over $44 billion. The term “grok” itself originates from a sci-fi novel and means to understand something deeply. Musk positioned Grok as a philosophical rival to other AI technologies, emphasizing its humor and political neutrality.

However, Grok’s responses have sparked controversy. Users discovered that Grok expressed support for transgender rights and criticized racist conspiracy theories, which conflicted with Musk’s own views. Musk announced plans to adjust Grok to be more politically neutral, although the specifics of this adjustment remain unclear.

The release of Grok’s source code in March suggests a commitment to transparency and further development. Musk has discussed introducing different modes for Grok, including “normal,” “fun,” and “unhinged,” catering to different user preferences. Additionally, a “Super Grok” is planned for premium plus subscribers, similar to the subscription-based models of other AI companies like OpenAI and Google.

Overall, Musk’s expansion of Grok AI to more paying subscribers reflects his ongoing efforts to compete in the AI space and provide users with innovative and accessible technology.

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